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Friday 03 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Wu Changjiang stock was held by BDO Runda freeze worth over 1 billion

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BDO Runda today (30) released its second largest shareholder of the company holding all been frozen Wu Changjiang news. As the second largest shareholder of BDO Runda, Wu Changjiang holds 130 million shares of company stock. BDO Runda to yesterday (29) closing price of 8.15 yuan / share calculation, the stock market value of its holdings of up to 1.06 billion yuan.

Announcements, June 17, 2014, Wu Changjiang due to funding requirements, the shares of the company pledged its holdings of 7222.22 million shares gave the blessing Linzhi Investment Limited; 5777.78 million shares pledged to the New World Strategies (Beijing) Investment consultants Limited, the shares of the total 130 million pledged shares.

Since the emergence of the borrower disputes, Fort Worth Linzhi New World Department policy and Huizhou Leishi Guang Wu Changjiang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. Shandong NVC, Chongqing En Wei West Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and other units to court, a request to freeze Wu Changjiang shares held by BDO Runda. Subsequently, all of the shares held by the company have been Wu Changjiang Chongqing Higher People's Court of Justice waiting to freeze, commissioned date of September 25, 2014, the waiting period of 24 months.

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