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Monday 13 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

"The new three board" Why was the LED business "cold"?

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"Previously, our company to the bank for a loan, often snubbed; but after three new board listing, which a number of months, but take the initiative to come to the bank is willing to provide loans." Lighting Co., Ltd. Guangdong Branch director at Poly , deputy general manager Wang Junhua appears in three new board listed companies to bring change is obvious, "which means to make our business knocking on the door of the capital market, in the development path also have more possibilities. "

Juke Lighting is the first success in Jiangmen three new board listed companies, the "sample effect" also attracted the attention of the Jiangmen LED industry, many SMEs. But many small LED enterprises in Jiangmen while complaining about difficulties in financing, while but then the "new three board" means "strange." "The new three board" Why LED enterprises encounter "cold"?

According to Jiangmen Bureau of the person in charge by the letter, the "new three board" listing threshold is relatively low, there is no limit on the financial condition of the motherboard. In Jiangmen, high quality LED business, and many, such as Ji Huaguang electricity, have real semiconductors, Orient, Long Lee optoelectronics. The person in charge, Jiangmen quality LED enterprises can emulate Juke take the road of development and expansion of the market. "At present, in addition to the introduction of Jiangmen Citizen, Orient, West Germany, Taiwan and an interpretation, and other famous enterprises, but also cultivate a number of competitive local businesses, including Neo-Neon Holdings, Deli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Guangdong Jiangmen City Branch Heng Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangdong Wright Electric Co., Ltd. and other lighting Guangdong Juke five listed companies. "

According to Jiangmen municipal government office in March 2013 issued a "Jiangmen Municipal People's Government Office of views on further promoting the implementation of the urban enterprise restructuring and listing of" Jiangmen proposed to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of companies listed, and strive to have 1-2 every year since 2013 domestic listed companies to achieve, to the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, domestic listed companies Jiangmen add about 10, realized capital markets, "Jiangmen plate."

Three new board is an important way for enterprises to grow

Many LED business executives believe that in the long run, the three new board listing is an important way for SMEs to grow and develop. Insiders also analyzed, LED industry is currently in a golden period of development, missed this period, when the LED industry has become one of the traditional industries, companies go to the capital markets will take a greater degree of difficulty, attention is not high.

"Jiangmen lighting industry, especially the upstream LED industry quality enterprises, listed companies can before most of them already listed." Kuo-hsiu, Jiangmen LED industry in the future development focus will be placed on the market downstream applications of the enterprise.

"There are some companies will take curves roundabout way, to seek listing on the new board, and then wait for the opportunity to board listed, most companies can only take this route." Kuo-hsiu, corporate capital as soon as possible if you want to open market door, first on three new board is a more pragmatic approach, "or, according to the current situation, if you really go to the motherboard companies are now queuing to have discharged these years maybe, ten years time is not necessarily scheduled to go up. "

As the lighting industry consolidation operators, Mitsuhiro Department is also working with the government to explore helping companies listed model. "On one hand, we will high-quality selection of some local businesses, and counseling to help them do the preparatory work for listing; the other hand, outside Jiangmen City, meet the listing requirements of the business, we will strive to pull them in, introduction of Jiangmen let them settle here, waiting for an opportunity to seek a new three board or directly on the motherboard. "

It is understood that the light Bo has screened a number of relatively high-quality LED enterprises in the high-tech zone downstream applications. According to Guo repair reports, "We are starting with a look at the government level to the overall situation of these enterprises, after Mopai intended to help high-tech zones in two or three companies were listed on the planning, as a pilot. Etc. After their successful listing, we worked out a path, and then extended to other businesses go. "

In addition, future Jiangmen LED business is expected to achieve the purpose of listing through the "backdoor" way. It is understood that Mitsuhiro Department is seeking to acquire some already on the market outside the shell resources, and the introduction of Jiangmen.

Three factors enmesh LED pace of listed companies

Juke lighting successful listing, became a hot topic in the local LED enterprises. Jiangmen LED industry is currently in a stage of rapid development, is expected by many LED SMEs listed in three new board can boost the development of enterprises on a more level. But over the past eight months have passed, but still only poly Jiangmen Branch lighting a company successfully listed, what are the reasons?

1 business listing standards extent of regulation is difficult to reach

"Is not on the new board, first look at the enterprises themselves have no such desire and demand." According to Wang Junhua introduced in three new board listed, we must first share reform, but standardized management point of view, most of the current Jiangmen LED enterprises are still many non-standard place. "For example, some companies have also thought about the new board, but one learned of the ownership structure, fiscal stability and other requirements, will feel the price paid is too high, it may back down, so the key is their own preparations to well, do not waste too much time. "

Many LED business executives also admitted that the new board of the enterprise standardize business requirements are relatively high. "Jiangmen LED industry, this circle is not great, know each other too much. If the business itself is not much advantage, then it will not go this way."

Guo Xiu believes that some companies have not moved to Jiangmen, when there may be some hidden income, and not publicly, "When they came to the Jiangmen time, or I hope not too much exposure, claiming their own size and sales volume is still small, but in essence, their size has reached the listing requirements, but we find them, they do not want too much publicity, says these factors will become impediments listed. "

2 new board uncertain return prospects

"A lot of companies listed on the three new board biggest hope is to get the money from the capital markets, but really there are companies, such as on the new board after it, even if they feel the original on the new board, the money on the capital market is not so easy to take, look aspirations are dashed, motivation will drop. "Guo Xiu calculations," for example, an enterprise successfully boarded three new board have to spend at least several hundred million, they are the purpose of the three new board financing, the results will not only get the money, but for nothing more than to spend a few million despite a chance in the future to the motherboard market, but this opportunity is quite slim and distant. "

Wang Junhua also believes that most SMEs are not willing to go the market road, but because of three new board now return outlook is not very clear. So to the new board, companies have to pay various costs, give up so much interest, profits, "the gambling enterprise is still a little big, not necessarily dare to go."

3 administrative environment is still room for improvement

While the number of LED enterprises, a variety of preparatory work to be after three new board also make them daunting. In the process Juke lighting listed as an example, one of the biggest difficulty lies in its listing on the financial statements of the deal. According to Wang Junhua, who recalls that when dealing with the financial statements, and the Inland Revenue recognition accounting firm handled the views are different, "accounting firm in accordance with the requirements of a listed company to handle this, but it is in accordance with the Inland Revenue Department tax perspective to deal with, so one side is the government, while the accounting standards, do business at a loss, confusion, and even working to reinvent the wheel, we were also very troublesome. "

"Three new board is a new thing, local government support services must keep up in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of companies listed." Wang Junhua believes that after the successful listing of enterprises, the government follow-up service is also very important, but compared to some places, Jiangmen no advantage in this one. "National industry-related conferences, we learned that some local government support to enterprises is still very large, listed companies can reach dozens or even once in Jiangmen far only our family, saying, canoe difficult to Lin, indicating that climate Jiangmen still needs to be improved, the government in this regard can also play a bigger role. "

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