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Saturday 04 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

The new LED headlamp technology, cures high beam "chronic illness"

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Night driving, if the vehicle drove across the high beam, then, you have twelve extremely careful, because the high beam of the vehicle, it will irritate your eyes, causing dazzling, blinding, affecting vision. According to the determination, human vision from daylight to dark, takes about two minutes to stabilize, which reverse dark adaptation time (after that the car will) generally about 10 seconds, during this time, the eye is difficult to distinguish the road as required and objects, it is prone to accidents. 

Although the use of the motor vehicle traffic laws nighttime lighting has clearly defined. Such as Article 48 Section Five "People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law Implementation Regulations", in the absence of the center divider or no centerline of the road, the vehicle should be in the car at night will come from the opposite direction of the vehicle 150 meters away switch to low beam lights, the narrow road, narrow bridge and non-motor vehicle should use low beam lights. 

However, there are still many drivers abuse the high beam, because some driver safety awareness is not strong, their own interests while ignoring the sight of the feelings of others. Obviously, some automakers are also aware that some people can not change the style of acting, then technically it solve the problem. 

Mercedes-Benz has recently announced that it will feature a new multi-beam LED headlights (MULTIBEAMLED) on 2015 models CLS models. The technology uses multiple LED light units, making the car high beam illumination to achieve high accuracy, thereby avoiding car driver would cause interference. 

Mercedes-Benz to understand from the description, even if the high beam and the other driving the car will also have to worry about safety issues resulting therefrom. 

Specifically, headlight mounting MULTIBEAMLED Benz developed several special LED modules, each independently controlled by the 24 LED light-emitting elements. These LED high beam beam emitting unit will come from. 

The key point is that the LED light-emitting unit can be automatically opened and closed according to the road conditions, in order to control the high-beam irradiation region, and the brightness. More simply, if the opposite to the car, MULTIBEAMLED headlight brightness will reduce exposure in certain areas, to allow truck drivers to avoid dizziness. 

How to determine road conditions automatically adjust the high beams do? The secret lies in the windshield behind the camera. The camera monitors the road information, and the information is fed back to the four control unit, the latter to 100 times / sec to a suitable frequency adjustment headlight illumination state. 

MULTIBEAMLED headlights magic does not stop there. Each headlight also contains a near-light mode to build the module, by four LED light units. If the camera monitor to appear in front of the curve, MULTIBEAMLED headlights automatically adjust the light deflection curve direction, the maximum deflection angle up to 12 degrees for easy driver clearer understanding of the road ahead. 

It is worth mentioning that Audi Matrix LED headlights (MatrixLED) and the principle of the Mercedes-Benz MULTIBEAMLED headlights approximation. 

Actual results MULTIBEAMLED headlamp market remains to be verified, at least be sure that the future face of those high beam enthusiasts when it need not be so frustrating.

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