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Sunday 05 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Tesla engineers designed the Smart Light: LED light electricity than half of the province

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In November 2013, former Tesla engineer Neil? Joseph (Neil Joseph) after leaving Tesla founded his own lighting company Stack, hoping to develop a new smart bulbs. Now, the company is helping to create a first product Alba (Alba is a "sunrise" means in Italian). 

Alba can be based on sunlight and the owner of the house used to adjust the lighting illumination itself. Joseph seems, Alba was the first company to build Stack Philips Hue and LIFX follow the new trend of the product. Compared with ordinary lighting, Philips light bulbs, such as Hue and LIFX more intelligent, they can be synchronized with smart phone applications, and even maintain the unity of rhythm and music. But compared to the Nest smart thermostat or Google Maps, they are not so smart, because even though they can be connected to the Internet, but can not respond to the external environment. 
Alba intelligent light sensor built for movement, the crowd and the ambient light. Therefore, the company co-founder Jovi Gacusan must integrate new technologies in this product. Jovi Gacusan had previously engaged in sensor development at NASA. "Think of noise reduction headphones, our products need to send natural light, natural light to know how much energy is stored." Joseph said. Because of Alba to take advantage of the natural light, so it is saving 60% -80% higher than ordinary LED bulbs. 
Alba Another important feature is the interaction with the surrounding environment. Like Nest, Alba uses algorithms can remember the house owner's habits. "If we note that the user first in the house somewhere, then wander walk in the bedroom, the last before sleeping in bed awake for a while, Alba will automatically turn on lighting." 
In the morning, Alba will be illuminated in blue light to help users quickly regained consciousness, then gradually becomes brighter as the day, the lights will gradually moderate, white. Users can adjust it all in Stack application software, and set it. 
Alba lights are included in each Bluetooth device that can act as a similar iBeacon technology, so this bulb in the future will likely interact with other intelligent devices. 
Now, Alba intelligent house light bulb can be used to track users and their movement, but does not track the user's personal privacy data. Joseph hope in the future be able to cooperate with other companies, such as thermostats and smart bed developers to build a smart home platform. "We get more data, we can more accurately know the user's work and rest rules, to avoid disturbing the user's sleep." Joseph said. 
Currently, this intelligent light has begun to accept reservations, is expected to ship in early 2015. The price of this device is $ 150 (about 920 yuan), and comes with two free light bulbs and switches, each bulb need to buy a separate $ 60 (about 368 yuan). Stack believes that their products than the more valuable products such as Philips Hue. The same price, Alba provides a more intelligent experience.

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