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Wednesday 15 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Nobel stimulate LED industry reshuffle Hubei New opportunities

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Recently, a high-intensity blue light source can emit diode extremely strong, it is the blue LED. Isamu Akasaki invented it, the other two Japanese scientists, for this purpose in 2014 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Blue LED, the second time after lighting revolution known as Edison. It appears, in addition to traditional light sources so that humans find a more durable, more energy-efficient light sources for the lighting industry had a disruptive influence and lead the LED industry to leap forward.

LED lighting manufacturing superpower of China, the news has become a positive signal to stimulate the industry. According to last year's "Semiconductor Technology Development" five "special plan" shows, to 2015, LED general lighting market share in China market to reach 30% by 2020 will rise to 50%. Such a large market, indicating that the LED industry is expected to usher in a new outbreak.

In an outbreak, Hubei opportunity geometry? How to deal? Reporter conducted an interview.

Output value will reach 450 billion yuan next year

China is one of the fastest growing global LED lighting industry area, has become a global manufacturing base LED functional lighting and landscape lighting products such as the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Fujian and Jiangxi three regions concentrate more than 80% of China's LED lighting corporate and value.

According to last year's six ministries issued a "semiconductor lighting energy planning", to 2015, 60W incandescent lamp for general lighting above all eliminated, LED functional lighting products to reach the market share of more than 20%, LED lighting energy industry output value of the average annual growth 30%, in 2015 the output value reached 450 billion yuan.

"At this rate, equal to the requirements of every four years to double output." The industry believes that, as the "Plan" implemented, financial subsidies to promote LED lighting products and gradually increase the intensity, LED market and favorable policies in the future will be concentrated there.

This year, Hubei Province, was launched in the town road lighting energy management contract, an important part of the promotion, the priority is to ask semiconductor lighting (LED) products, this is undoubtedly related enterprises in Hubei Province is a big plus.

LED industry will reshuffle

With the accelerated phase-out of incandescent lamps and energy-saving subsidies coming to an end, LED lighting products will gradually spread and comprehensive alternative to traditional lighting. Today, the major lighting market in Wuhan, LED has occupied a dominant position. "LED lighting prices fell more than 30% compared to three years ago, the market competition has become increasingly intense." Wuhan lamps Wan Yi Lin, president of the Chamber of Commerce, said the increasing pressure on small and medium enterprises, had begun to consider pushing into development.

In China, there is a number of enterprises, small scale, overcapacity, homogenization and other issues LED lighting industry. In particular, the lack of a breakthrough LED core patents, standards, testing and certification system construction has yet to strengthen, disorderly market competition, product quality is uneven phenomenon is also widespread.

Hubei facing new opportunities

According to the reporter, at present, Hubei LED industry has covered the middle and lower reaches, there are a number of core technology is the leading domestic and world advanced level, such as the extension of high-power blue-chip, high brightness green epitaxial chips.

2009, Wuhan became the "city of ten thousand," semiconductor lighting demonstration cities and the nation's first eight semiconductor lighting industrial bases. By the end of 2012, Hubei Province set up semiconductor lighting (LED) industry technology innovation strategic alliance of leading companies and universities from the province together to promote industrial development, it can be said, Hubei LED industrial base is very good. "Although there Hubei Di source optical, HC SemiTek, Marina Electronic and other outstanding enterprises, but more companies are still imported chip assembly fixtures and then exported throughout the industry, in the downstream position." Province, a lighting company in charge of said the man.

To enhance the competitiveness of the LED industry, the need to improve the industry aggregation, optimize the industrial chain. According to the plan Provincial Science and Technology Department, is expected to 2016, LED industry scale will reach 30 billion yuan in Hubei province, while nurturing 3-5 master core technologies, with more intellectual property rights and brands of leading enterprises, improve the industrial chain, optimize the industrial structure, increase market share, significantly enhance the international competitiveness of the semiconductor lighting industry.

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