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Tuesday 07 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Lighting decoration selection, you choose the right thing

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With the arrival of September fitting season, many owners began to decorate his new home and busy, in the decoration, the majority of owners are very focused on the quality of building materials, decoration, lighting on the choice rarely efforts. In fact, the lighting in the home life also plays an important role in selecting a suitable lighting, not only beautify the living room can play the effect, but also on the family's eyes play a protective role. 

Selection of lamps, most consumers focus on price, style 

Recently, the reporter visited a number of lighting capital markets, lighting products found in many brands on the market today, the type of rich, ceiling lamps, crystal lamps, LED lights, style into European, Chinese and creative lighting, prices from dozens dollars to several thousand spotlights crystal lamps. 

"Lighting pick really hard to pick on the market a variety of brands, styles and price a wide range of lamps, I really do not know the election Which is good!" These days have complained to reporters in the decoration of the house of Mr. Wang. He said that after nearly two months of hard work, the house is basically going renovation finished, the next he was on the lighting made ​​a difficult election, visiting several lighting market, see dazzling, I do not know the election Which is good. 

Reporters learned that, in the selection of home decoration lighting, many owners and Wang also met with the same confusion, the face of a wide variety of lighting new concepts and new models, I do not know how to choose. September 13, in the capital of a home decoration market, Zhao are choosing lighting for their new home, she saw the price of 998 yuan a crystal lamp, "This lamp looks very nice, installed in the living room also seemed atmosphere. "she said, their choice of lighting, one consideration is whether your own style and decor with, the other is the price. "However, from an array of lamps to choose a really suitable for their high cost and indeed there are some difficulties, low price of lamps I fear there is a problem of quality, the high price of fear spent odds. Usually visit market stroll tired, run styles and prices can accept, you start with. "

"Consumers in the choice of lighting, mostly focusing on price and style, there are some consumers will consider energy-saving factor." The capital city of a sale of a home decoration lighting salesman said the price of five or six hundred dollars in the living room lights and prices preferably, in addition, as people increase awareness of energy saving, more energy-efficient LED lights sales have been on the rise in the bedroom lamp sales three hundred dollars. 

Good lighting design can improve mood occupants 

"Recently the home of the old lamps are all replaced by a new, soft lighting and bright, I feel very comfortable feeling, as if the space is big as a house." Ms. Yang said, did not expect to actually be able to replace what has brought on this lighting mood changes. 

"Decorative lighting can highlight the owner's taste and can even affect the person's mood, good mood lighting design will improve the occupants." Op according to Ming Huaite store manager Wang Jing said the lighting industry more than ten years of business experience make her right lighting have a better understanding, she thinks choose a suitable lighting is an important thing in the decoration, "lighting design abroad are placed throughout the renovation process in the first place, while the domestic habits are down to the last." Wang Jing said, such as the kitchen lights just installed a light pattern is very unreasonable, because blocking the effects of light and sight when chopping vegetables, people had to elbow flexor lead back to find the light. This is because the lighting design, not the design point of view of convenience lighting from the lights to give people. She believes that consumers should configure lighting for the room in the following principles: 

Functional principles. Different functions applicable to room lighting styles, illumination is also different. Specifically, the living room for choice and bright, gorgeous lighting. Bedroom suitable choice not dazzling lighting. Colorful children's room for choice, style and lively lighting. Select style toilet is suitable for simple waterproof lighting. 

Coordination principles. Lighting style should be consistent with its overall style of the room consumer choice, if equipped with a variety of lamps for the same room, you should follow the color, style coherent principles. 

Energy conservation principle. Energy-saving light bulbs have electricity, lighting is good, a small amount of heat, etc., so the usage is very high. In addition, in the home should minimize the use of spotlights, bulbs not because most spotlights energy-saving products. 

According to reports, there are some brand lamps staff for their professional training to help customers run out of the popularity of reasonable common sense, perfect lighting to provide free family planning, given according to different ages, different people, different habits reasonable light proposal. 

Some energy-saving LED lights do not necessarily 

Currently, the lighting and the type of market a wide range of mixed quality, consumers in the purchase inevitably Tiao, I do not know the election Which is good. So, how scientific and rational choice of lighting it?

Wang Jing suggested that consumers in the choice of lighting, we must first look for the big brands, big brands because of improved regulatory system processes more attention to detail, rigorous operation, and the assembly will be done before the test lamp detection, especially now that the LED lights, if no strict regulatory process operation, there will be security risks, produce beyond the normal blue, this blue human eye would cause irreversible damage. Second is to look at the light color, good lighting suddenly feels light color, light color like that of the sun during the day, gives a comfortable feeling, while the poor lighting fixtures will make consumers feel sight muddy, like chest pressing stone, there is always a sense of suffocating feel oppressed. Third, the efficiency of light emission to see, that is, a brightness is how much the generated tile, i.e. the number of lumens per watt generated, indicating the greater the higher the brightness of lumens, the greater the power consumption at the same brightness produced by the premise, the more lamps energy conservation. In addition, there is bad light each lamp, which is used a burst of light levels will reduce human induced attenuation value is 70%, which means that when a new lamp brightness decay to 70% of the time, people can feel ordinary brand of lamps used daily five hours, the light fades in about a year and a half down to 60%, while the big brands of lamps, the use of 5 hours per day in the first 10 years, still have 75% brightness. 

It is understood that, with the growing popularity of LED lights, such market is complex, with the LED lights, the price difference of several hundred dollars, the quality is also difficult to identify. According 明怀特 in Op shop reporter saw a cheapest price of LED lights are about four or five hundred dollars. "At present, the price of LED lights more expensive than ordinary lights, because its chips are all imported chips, high production costs, with energy-efficient light health and other advantages." Store, a sales staff. 

"Really good energy-saving LED is long life, There are some manufacturers in order to pursue interests in the production of LED lights to cut corners, poor quality products at low prices to induce consumers to use less than two years, the value of the lamp light fades has dropped to normal lighting effects can not play, you need to be replaced with new fixtures, so not only can not be called energy saving, but is energy-intensive products. "an industry source pointed out that some consumers consider only cheaper moment, in fact, to account when counting the money instead to spend more.

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