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Thursday 23 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

LED industry "feeding frenzy" as the development trend of high-tech

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The three-day 2014 China (Jiangmen) Expo 21, the closing green light for the troubles and so the LED industry, current market conditions in the end how, Jiangmen where industrial development goals, which the new trend of the future development of the industry will be?

Reporters learned that, due to the industry, "overstating the phenomenon of" serious, resulting in the LED industry overcapacity, fierce competition and let the market will usher in opportunities for quick shuffle, the future is expected to have more small businesses out of the market. With the development of LED technology, the future of the industry will not only focus on traditional lighting, while areas will plant lighting, networking and technology development.

Will usher in the "feeding frenzy" game

October 19, the famous financier Ye Tan LED industry while attending the forum, said the speech, LED industry will also usher in the era of mergers and acquisitions, and in which to grow and develop.

Ye Tan said her master's data show that last year there are hundreds of domestic enterprises mergers and acquisitions, and the next few years will be a key mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises Year.

Mention the LED industry, Ye Tan believes that enterprises should develop, but also could not escape this economic phenomenon, although currently there are many LED companies, but it would certainly usher in drastic reshuffle, between the industry through mergers and acquisitions "big fish fish "game, I believe the future will rest dozens of LED industry companies such as Foxconn.

Will be the development trend of high-tech

In light of this Expo held in Jiangmen, some manufacturers have begun to showcase the latest cutting-edge technology development of LED industry, including LED lighting in the future use of the plant lighting, as well as "Lifi" Internet of Things Times.

Reporters learned that, in addition to traditional lighting, LED industry in the future will be the transition to the new technology, including plant lighting. According to reports, Jiangmen has started this new technology enterprise applications, the use of plants in Yunnan began to grow rare medicinal herbs, such as lighting.

According to reports, the sun just colorful light, but the light of different wavelengths plants need is not the same, a lot of light is wasted, and plant lighting is based on light waves of different plants are most needed, select the appropriate light exposure, thereby contributing to its growth. With breakthrough technology, the future will be factory production plant lighting, LED lighting has become a new trend.

And "Lifi" network is the LED industry, another new area, "Lifi" also known as visible light communication using LED bulb lighting to transmit information, as long as the light shines over the place, there Lifi signal for people to freely access. Lifi with WiFi same, but more convenient and efficient than WiFi, as long as there LED bulbs, equivalent to a router sends information.

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