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Monday 13 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

LED industry dealers how to look "fake"?

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In the lighting industry, counterfeiting, plagiarism has been market ills, but ills be cured, and without delay. The good news is, the face of counterfeit products flooding the market, the phenomenon of intellectual property rights have been repeatedly violated, the relevant departments and enterprises have been taking action, hammer blow. Terminal businesses have begun to work together to force crackdown. Yes, we all want good.

Vow to counterfeiters living space

Gao Long, general manager of space-based electrical, rectangular lighting operations center in Gansu

For the phenomenon of counterfeit products, in addition to our own to supervise and guard outside, while calls for national efforts to increase the protection of intellectual property. But there is not enough protection efforts, combined with consumers do not understand and are not rational, purchase only the so-called "brand", rather than genuine brands, leading to rampant fakes on the market, against the legitimate interests of genuine manufacturers. If businesses meet their business products are counterfeit, should be timely complaints and reports.

Development of LED industry in its infancy, the market is a bit confusing. The reason for this phenomenon, in my opinion: First drive interest; Second, the supervision of the business sector is not in place. At this stage, many companies engage in price competition, reduce costs, facts show that at the expense of product quality at the expense of bigger companies only difference. Critical enterprise prevent "counterfeiting" is to find a balance between cost and quality of the product, so as to not give counterfeiters any living space.

Small workshop on counterfeit music is not he

Xi'an Hao, general manager of the positive state lighting

For counterfeiting, I was firmly resisted. Counterfeit products shoddy, undermine the brand image, consumers may also cause harm.

"The market there are different levels of demand" is not the reason counterfeit products to survive. Counterfeit products in the market, mainly because of repeated imitations With genuine brand in the market with the price difference to make a profit, and many small businesses, small workshops am very enthusiastic.

Genuine manufacturers should have a stronger sense of self-protection, once found marketing counterfeit products should identify the source of production, from the source "destroy." As a distributor, we should resolutely resist counterfeit products, counterfeit products is illegal, intellectual property is inviolable.

From the source to combat counterfeiting

Shuai Wei, general manager of Taiyuan Star Lighting Science

Now, many lighting companies have independent intellectual property caught in a dilemma: on the one hand, the urgent need to convey to the market with their own product advantages; hand and beware abundance of competitors covet. At the show in recent years, many companies are afraid to have intellectual property rights to the physical arrangement of the scene, but the individual businesses to offer business visit. At the dealer level, we also often see the door post "Do not peer into, Mianchi indecent" signs.

Some do not have the R & D capability of enterprises, rely on low-cost "clone", plagiarism labor of others, while enjoying great commercial interest, which is obviously immoral and illegitimate. But due to weak law enforcement forces, this phenomenon is repeated, so that hurt the industry healthy and benign competitive environment.

To prevent counterfeiting of intellectual property violations from the current, it is difficult. This ought to be protected by law, and now basically relying on self-protection. The reason, one counterfeit technology low; Second, low-cost illegal counterfeiting. Thousands of upstream production enterprises, how to identify counterfeit requires a lot of time and effort. Even been identified, but also to go through the lengthy process execution, the result is often unbearable enterprise tired, with little success.

Therefore, it is imperative that policy makers from the source to set standards and improve the access threshold, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, support, hatching a number of large companies, out of a group of black sheep infringement, and establish industry standards fundamentally, law-abiding, integrity and orderly competition atmosphere.

Counterfeiting is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry

Nanning Sichuan day lighting manager Zhang Xiaohua

Counterfeiting great harm to the industry, as industry participants, and I hope the industry can develop healthily. Currently, if the market of counterfeit products, end retailers rely on the relevant departments to fight, while the brand manufacturers also have the appropriate treatment plan. But I think the actions of individual companies is not enough to purify "rampant counterfeiting" of the environment. Social respect for intellectual property, need more people to spend more time to do it.

Lighting industry, counterfeiting was rampant, from product category in terms of counterfeiting lantern is more serious; from the brand is concerned, the greatest chance of big brand counterfeiting, which in the final analysis is not formed within the industry a good brand protection and respect for intellectual property rights, society as a whole has not formed an atmosphere of intellectual property protection. Brand manufacturers should improve their brand protection strategy, but also to create a healthy environment for the development of peer joint.

Repeated from profit-driven

Chongqing billion light illumination dealers Swallow

Now, with the domestic one, the gradual transformation of second-tier brands, many small and medium enterprises to bring more opportunities to imitate, so the industry into a state of chaos. As the terminal market dealers, the quality of the product is important, because the dealer directly to consumer groups, once the product out of the question, it is difficult to restore customers. If there is a counterfeit behavior, and I hope that manufacturers and merchants on the same front, jointly safeguard this market.

Why repeated counterfeit products on the market? My view is: driven by the interests of counterfeit products have high profit margins. In the terminal market, due to geographical differences, the flow of information, the degree of consumer acceptance of the brand are not the same, all the above reasons the counterfeit product there is some living space.

Treat counterfeit "before resorting to force."

Evergreen general manager of Chongqing Shuo Lang lighting

Counterfeiting is a poor model of market competition between enterprises. But fake companies need to understand: expanding profit margins should not sacrifice the quality of products. As a business, if not strengthen its brand and technology investment, customs plagiarism, must not reach a range of standard technology, management, marketing and sale, and other brand enterprises.

For merchants who counterfeiting is a kind of deception, while businesses are usually powerless to change this. If we encounter this problem, I will first remind businesses of their behavior is illegal, then consult with the manufacturers of counterfeit products to persuade businesses to the next product shelf or recall products, in serious cases into law.

LED lighting is still in its infancy, counterfeiting is a certain stage of development of the industry to the inevitable outcome, was the result of this action for the following reasons: one, the government patented technology protection and ineffective oversight; 2, the enterprise itself and brand management management also has flaws; 3, missing lighting industry standards but also to provide a generic can take advantage of the machine.

Counterfeiting disrupt fair competition

Kunming good lights and more lights, general manager Zhu Changxing

Counterfeiting is illegal, should be given due protection of intellectual property rights, otherwise the industry will not be legal, orderly and normal operation, industry vicious competition will intensify.

Currently, there are many counterfeit products on the market, good lighting the lamp's multi-business products have appeared counterfeit products. Businesses in the face of counterfeit products are mostly helpless, is powerless. For counterfeiting, in addition to strengthening identify genuine and fake products in the region, but also rely on the manufacturers to strengthen the fight against counterfeiting.

Counterfeit products are still emerging, the reason is that not enough efforts to combat manufacturers, consumer product recognition level is limited. For businesses, "the fight against counterfeiting, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of dealers and consumers," has not been forgotten, but counterfeiting is difficult and costly, so it is difficult to cure; on the other hand, consumers difficult to identify the authenticity of genuine products and counterfeit products in the price slightly lower than authentic, which is the part of consumers, "fooled" one of the reasons.

In my opinion, manufacturers combat counterfeiting to persevere, to continue to strengthen its efforts to find a cause but also from their own, authentic sound identification methods to improve the quality of their products, so no way to fake counterfeit products.

Faced with the "cottage" no punches

Ray, general manager of Guangzhou Sunray decorative Guojian

As a merchant, I personally hope fakes on the market could disappear, fair competition. However, counterfeit products currently on the market has been very realistic, and now LED products easier to imitate than the traditional era. Most big brand products is to find someone else foundry, the foundry will pick does not exclude private one, which is actually fake and genuine no different, except that the flow channels are not the same, more difficult to trace.

In the process of buying and selling, I would choose the manufacturer certified agents and regular purchase channels: one can ensure genuine products, on the other hand, if there is a problem to be investigated also active.

Fakes repeated, because: 1, merchants pursuit of profit; 2, a few consumers have such needs; 3, project procurement staff used his powers to seek illegal interests; 4, manufacturing technology costs and relatively low cost of crime; 5, the existence of "an eye, close one eye" phenomenon related sectors.

Currently the industry for so many "cottage" manufacturers, genuine manufacturers should pay close attention to the production source, the establishment of a comprehensive monitoring system in order to effectively fight against counterfeit products.

Intellectual Property is inviolable

Foshan Lighting store manager Ray one hundred million Daiwei Jiang

I believe that intellectual property is inviolable, counterfeit products is illegal. There are a lot of fake and shoddy products, not only a waste of publicity costs, damage the company's reputation and image, but also harm the interests of consumers, the worst case could threaten the personal safety of consumers. If there is a product that I run counterfeit products on the market, I will be the first time to find the source of counterfeit products and to seek government departments to crack down on them.

For counterfeit products in the LED lighting market repeated, I think the main reasons are: 1, into the lighting industry, relatively low threshold, workshop-style lighting business is very much; 2, at present, there is no uniform lighting industry product standards; 3, business-to-efforts to protect the product is not enough, so take advantage of counterfeiters.

For counterfeit products, manufacturers must first use of legal means to protect their own intellectual property, sue each other infringement, to stop the infringement and an apology, compensation for the infringement to you caused economic losses; Second, we must strengthen internal supervision and external supervision, to prevention is the first place to strengthen their sense of security labels and other products; Finally, manufacturers have to go with the relevant government departments to combat counterfeiting.

Manufacturers can increase the "counterfeiting" difficulty

Wuhan Siemens Duoluokou store manager Wang Zaijun

Counterfeit products is illegal, counterfeit products circulating in the market, the agent of the brand for business credit have been affected. Currently, consumers distinguish between true and false consciousness is weak, it is making the rampant counterfeit products market. The annual "March 15" anti-counterfeiting Trade and Industry is in the diet, household appliances and other industries, less concern for the building materials industry, later suggested that the relevant departments to strengthen anti-counterfeiting efforts. If you own the brand operated by counterfeit products appear on the market, we will be the first time to communicate with the manufacturer or the person in charge with the store to reflect or through legal channels to resolve.

Counterfeit products in LED lighting, electrical switches and other industries repeated, let businesses also very helpless. LED lighting in the shuffle stage of life counterfeit products with time almost brand products are used, making part of the business profits of more concern is the price.

Siemens products at the factory have 22-digit security code, this approach not only protects the manufacturers of credit, and more to maintain the credibility of the brand, we are assured businesses.

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