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Monday 20 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

King "sadomasochistic" Wang Dong-lei cried we all lose!

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Today, with everyone talking about a story between two men. Although they are not lovers, but the two meet, know each other and then to phase kill both good and bad, believe me, is far more than Zhen Huan Chuan came the idea!

They are the story of the founder of NVC Wu Changjiang and currently legal, the largest shareholder of sliding between.

2012 hit it off - white knight rescue Woman

May 2012, NVC founder chairman Wu Changjiang, resigned from all his posts, executive directors and the CEO and other companies, the non-executive directors of the Company, SAIF Asia Fund founding partner Yan took over as chairman, the two intensification of conflicts . Yan Yan Wu Changjiang prevent return of the Board, leaving not end when the white knight of sliding floated to.

December 2012, Wang Dong-lei's BDO Runda total spend HK $ 1.65 billion acquisition of Wu Changjiang hands NVC stake, the company's largest shareholder. Here, Wu Changjiang also through the subscription of equity, one of the main shareholders of BDO Runda.

2013 honeymoon - we are a perfect match, my life is good!

Wang Dong-lei: encountered together with Wu Changjiang, my life is good we both work together, is simply a perfect match!.

Wang Dong-lei said, "I'm an engineer thinking, often mixed together with the engineers, the biggest hobby is drilling technology to make products;. Tread has a strong market awareness, he is willing to eat and drink together with the channel I fixed up the product, he the product serves decent, how wonderful! "

Wu Changjiang: He is very bold!

Wu Changjiang repeatedly said BDO Runda technical strength so he was very surprised, "Wang Dong-lei very bold, we can say he is a madman, I am also a madman, two crazy hand in hand, we can do big business."

2014 enemies: he wanted emptied his company is not a normal businessman!

Wang Dong-lei breakdown Wu Changjiang three counts:

"First, I know Wu Changjiang gambling by nature, and owed ??400 million gambling debt; Second, the collapse of the company's planned supplier chain; third, to conceal the Board and the three companies signed a 20-year agreement, which three thing is to break the bottom line and principles. "

Wang Dong-lei: I would not let him bankrupt, but also let him CEO, I was his benefactor!

Wu Changjiang: no less than his own business, but for cooperation with me collapsed!

Wang Dong-lei believes that he is the savior Wu Changjiang, pulling him back from the brink of bankruptcy, and put him elected to the Board of Directors recommended to become CEO. Wu Changjiang claimed, was already operating BDO Runda not go, if not for their cooperation in 2012 with BDO Runda, BDO Runda collapsed.

Wu Changjiang female subordinates: Although I still have feelings for him, but ......

A female subordinate Wu Changjiang, the company's management manager, when interviewed face the camera spine straight, hands holding the cup is very stable. Her small but very firm voice, "He (Wu Changjiang) is a charismatic man ...... although I still love him ...... but after all, still the company's interests first ......" The manageress has allegiance of sliding . Wang Dong-lei said that never before had a friendship with them, "Wu Changjiang make the company emptied his cronies have left him."

Leaving executives: their own needs, who is not enough support!

NVC a departure executives said, "Who is not a living Lei Feng, this hit it off, both sides should demand it. You solve my problem, I solve your problem, this cooperation is equal. Wu Changjiang there is no opportunity to say here in the fight with Yan Yan also to help Wang Dong-lei, Wang Dong-lei is not enough support, just know soon save Wu Changjiang this is emotional card. "

NVC Battle Chronicle:

July 14, NVC board has 11 subsidiaries subordinate directors, corporate thorough cleaning.

August 8, NVC Board dismissed Wu Changjiang, the CEO duties and three vice president positions. When Wang Dong-lei team led by more than 60 people were at the transition go Wu Changjiang, Wu Changjiang refused to hand over part of CEO in charge of the business license, business information and financial seal, and ultimately led to clashes between the two sides entourage, including Wu Changjiang assistant and The driver was seriously wounded to the hospital.

August 11, chairman and founder of sliding Wu Changjiang were held in Beijing and Chongqing news conference to announce the other "crimes", Wang Dong-lei and Wu Changjiang each other on the company to be emptied.

September 14 afternoon, operation and management of NVC NVC officers appointed by the Board to prevent illegal shipments and Wu Changjiang Wanzhou facility's staff lead to conflict. NVC staff were injured in the clashes Kwak Wu Changjiang's staff, has been sent to the hospital.

October 10, of sliding into a formal legal NVC, showed off a high profile on the microblogging seems to be aired victory.

October 12, Wu Changjiang aspects spokesman disclosed, and the younger brother of Wang Dongming Wang Dong-lei fictional facts illegal defrauded Wu Changjiang personal HK $ 100 million. In addition, BDO Runda 640 million yuan capital investment in Beijing-dimensional US spectacular advertising, belonging to Wang Dong-lei intentionally designed false trading. NVC Lighting Board a written response, said Wu old tricks, sullied.

October 14, Wang Dong-lei guest Boston Church live recording: We all lose!

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