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Sunday 05 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Indian LED lighting market opportunities Toshiba Tibetan proposed production base

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According to Indian media reports on September 21, due to the perceived huge potential market opportunity in India lighting segments, Japanese lighting fixture manufacturers Toshiba plans to establish a production base to expand the scale and invest its Indian subsidiary GreenStar research center. 
Toshiba's goal is to Indian market LED revenue increased to $ 40 million over the next five years, an increase of 40%. However, in the Indian market, Toshiba LED revenue base of approximately $ 4,000,000. 

"Our main production base in China and Japan," and CEOYoichiIbi Toshiba Lighting Technology president. "We are trying to India as a production base for the next, not only for the local market supply, will meet global demand." He also said that "the implementation of the program will depend on the actual sales of Toshiba's future in India." 
Director of Technology and Operations Center SarosijSengupta Greenstar, said Toshiba will take a three-pronged approach in India. "Toshiba will develop the lighting market in India, where the design and use of resources, and the establishment of a global design center, where you can research for Europe, the United States, Japan and other global markets," he said. 
Asked whether Toshiba will use India and the Middle East and African countries geographically close, making the export hub for the nations, Ibi said: "In the future, if we enter into these markets, India will be the ideal candidate locations. "
Greenstar was acquired in 2012, became part of Toshiba Group companies. Greenstar production of LED street lamps, LED high / low bay lights and LED billboards. In the Indian market, Toshiba use Greenstar brand in other areas, use the Toshiba brand or co-branded. "We will develop our business in India by Greenstar brand," Ibi added. Greenstar beginning as a design center in India, with a manufacturing base with the local supply chain. 
Toshiba has introduced a new street lights, cooperation by Greenstar Toshiba R & D Center and R & D center. "This product will be available in Europe and Australia. All products will be manufactured in India, assembly and delivery," Sengupta said.

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