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Monday 06 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Everyone talked about how LED lighting business profits?

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Throughout our lighting industry, from manufacturers to dealers, when the industry entered a rapid growth phase, although the face of opportunities and space is the same, but because of diminishing marginal market capacity growth and increasing trade conflicts between development maturity , each enterprise will undoubtedly pushed into the competitive state. LED lighting business to profitability issues on the table: Some people say that profit is difficult, some say profit is not difficult, in the end how LED lighting business to profitability in this process, the government also plays what role very time we should use?? very means of an extraordinary period in the lighting industry (for example: the overall economic downturn, the industry entered the off-season sales, etc.) companies should also listen to what our industry is very strategic marketing people, business representatives what to say?. 

Industry marketers Huangyan Zhi: Product Channel Management One Less 

The current lighting industry's profitability in an awkward situation, it is easy not easy, because the lighting industry itself is a narrow margin industry, we want to point this cup of soup. 

When it comes to lighting companies want to profit, then the problem is in a large scope inside, you want to make it clear how the profit is not able to say a word or two words clearly. But in general, from the following aspects: first, excellent products, namely to give dealers and consumers a guarantee, cost-effective, while the homogenization of serious differences in market conditions laid down in the line of product quality; first Second, at the consumer end groups to do more marketing, the manufacturers are now marketing model similar marketing work is still basically stuck in the sales channel. Whether doing traditional lighting or LED lighting, marketing models, although on the surface of the practice inconsistent, but ultimately solve the problem of user terminals consumer groups, making value-added products and product-related knowledge is known to consumers. At the same time, no matter what brand of light level, dealers are properly handle this part. And in dealing with this problem the dealer to ensure excellent products, good financial management and timely problem solving inventory data management and accounts receivable, training dealers to independent open market and in consumer terminals to carry out marketing activities; third, management services, which not only involves business management, marketing management, production management and other equipment, and focusing on service, so as to make the enterprise for profit basis. 

That the government should the lighting in the process of business operations, the play what role? Government should do a good job in these three areas, namely to establish a good, standardized market environment for management practices, high-tech companies to give greater policy support; second is to increase the intensity of all the people of propaganda, the added value of lighting knowledge and products so that the general consumer users are able to about 12; third is for export, the Government shall promptly enter more foreign news establish internal and external communication platform for domestic products do strict quality control, so that compliance with the relevant standards, thus allowing companies and countries win. 

If the encounter special period or scene, then the LED lighting business, how profitable? In fact, no matter what kind of environment, companies must make a scientific, standardized and meticulous management to ensure product invincible . But in real life, lighting business as an emerging industry, this special period is very small. 

Lighting in Xin Fu Kang, director of marketing: play to their strengths profitable in the long term development 

For the moment the entire lighting industry profitability problems, it should be combined with the company is not moving in the direction of the long-term development, and the company's positioning, product positioning and other specific issues specific analysis can not be generalized. 

So how should the lighting business profits? I think, first, on the enterprise scale, not to say that the bigger the better, nor is it the smaller is not profitable. So too does not work, because the ship does not turn around, too does not work, because the quality is difficult to guarantee, but should be "moderate" like this "moderate" on the need to hold a degree; Second, products and technology to go in in front of the customer, if the products are not developed required by the market, it can only be a loss-making business; Third, management level, so that each person can make much more strongly and vigorously, the best value and best use; fourth, sales and service is the most important in the face of homogenization of serious market environment, profit-making enterprises is the ratio between the services. So as to achieve the lowest cost, most profitable, most profitable. 

Of course, the government in market operations, so that Yan Yan on the loose on the loose. "Yan" means the ruling government departments to equal justice, must not be tilted. Intellectual property business, increase efforts to protect them. "Loose" means the government should lower the threshold according to the market. For example, companies do incandescent light bulbs on the market now are almost done, in the era of LED outbreak, allowing more LED manufacturers to join in, and then you can promote competition among enterprises, improve the quality of the product. 

But in some extraordinary times, lighting companies want to profit, then it needs according to their own advantage, to establish certain brand, product quality, price, and shipping time advantage over other lights prices, and thus more good to achieve the purpose of profit. 

High-core crystal Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Heyong Qiu: Enterprise predicament lies in opening up new markets 

Contemporary lighting industry's profitability which is very difficult, due to the prevalence of town market is not particularly stringent quality requirements of the problem, so in the case of market transparency, if demanding on quality, then it is not a business to profitability simple things. Although one to three months before the homogenization of the product in use is no change, but a long time, the problem will be apparent. If you really want to profit enterprise, then the first on product quality should be guaranteed. 

Qinan problem for corporate profits, companies want to really achieve profitability, then the most important thing is to achieve technological innovation, product innovation, allowing companies to have a unique product market competition among stand. 

Speaking of the role of government in corporate earnings, I think, the government support for business can be carried out, for example, some organizations participating or organizing the exhibition, the show can choose the strength of relatively strong local companies went exhibitors, while for participating companies to give certain subsidies; on the other hand, the government can give corporate tax certain concessions to promote its rapid development and growth.

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