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Wednesday 08 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Blue LED award, the Nobel Prize "Times"

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October 7, 2014 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced: Japanese scientists awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics Isamu Akasaki, Amano ho and Japanese-American scientist Shuji Nakamura, in recognition of their invention of blue light-emitting diode (LED), and thus bring new energy source. 

LED is not found, the impact of human invention. 

LED birth of 52 years, they won the "Nobel Prize", LED finally reached a higher level, the homecoming of! This is the story of ordinary people, is the story of grassroots victory, a tiny blue LED again stir the world through Connaught bell Awards platform, also conducted a public science again, the Nobel Prize has finally picked up a ground gas. 

Let people know what a "tall" New values ??Nobel Prize! 

Of course, we Chinese LED industry to become more familiar with Shuji Nakamura! Nichia of Japan's products more understanding! One of the world's five LED chip companies! 

Red and green diode has existed for a long time, but to produce white light, but need red, blue, green primary colors simultaneously. The original light-emitting diodes because the energy is too low, it can only emit red and green light, and blue light implies the need for higher energy emitted light. 

In the late 1980s, Shuji Nakamura will be in "Applied Physics Letters" published his first article in English Article: A novel for growing gallium nitride metal organic chemical vapor deposition method. Papers will be published in a sensational world semiconductor industry and the scientific community - was the world's leading universities, many large companies and research institutions in the process for the preparation of semiconductor thin film materials blue light headache, and gallium nitride is a III-V wide gap semiconductor material with the most promising optical materials. 

Subsequently, Isamu Akasaki, Shuji Nakamura, Hiroshi Amano research makes humans able to enter a source revolution. 
When the Nobel Prize committee yesterday, Shuji Nakamura turned the phone, telling him to get this year's Nobel Prize in Physics, Shuji Nakamura, a full half a minute stunned to react. Later, when a reporter asked him what do you think when he pauses for a long time and even said a few "yes", then just say "simply too hard to believe." 

Indeed incredible, the Nobel Prize has given the application of engineering projects gave Shuji Nakamura! Actually gave the entire LED industry, have given the clean energy industry, to the whole lighting industry! Encouraged countless thousands and thousands are engaged in this cause million business and people. 

When physics is also considered to be iffy too many people fail to understand the various particles, the Nobel Prize in physics in recent years has not only awarded to those basic research on human cognition have a significant impact on the world, but increasingly the more awarded to those who have practical value of physics discoveries and inventions. 

Nobel increasingly popular in recent years, promising to produce a great impact on human research. 

The LED winning reasons: 

Three winners in the discovery of new efficient and environmentally friendly light source, namely the blue light-emitting diode (LED) has made a great contribution. In the blue LED's help, a new way of white can be created. Using LED lights, we can have a more durable and more efficient to replace the original light source. 

Because this year's Nobel Prize in Physics, the people in the manufacture of energy-saving light areas into the "free land." 

Nobel times a! 

In the field of optical materials with a wide gap, the third generation of semiconductor technology countries competing technologies and applications under the new starting point continues in the direction of the power device applications, Peking University and Sun Yat-sen, founder of microelectronics and other components of the "official capacity Gakken gold with "team is continuing to climb the peak in this area, but the current level of approximation and international level, if the Nobel Prize in Physics favor applied research in recent years, Chinese local team meddle" Nobel Prize "of the day will no longer be a dream!

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