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Thursday 16 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Automotive Lighting "money" immeasurable LED as the most promising technology

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Itay Michaeli, research director at Citigroup cars recently released a report, over the next six years, LED lights, radio communications and other technology the most promising, suppliers should focus on developing.

Automotive Analysts Association (Society for Automotive Analysts) recently held a seminar in Detroit, Itay Michaeli speech at the meeting pointed out that in 2020, sales of the fastest growing components of automotive technology, including LED lights and other five categories, "For the vendor words, in the right technology market segments will usher in an era full of attraction. "

A device according to average annual sales growth expectations units, these five technologies:

1, LED headlamps: 51%

2, remote wireless electronic communication: 34%

3, camera: 29%

4, the radar: 23%

5, the lithium-ion battery: 22%

In Itay Michaeli view, these technical reason for rapid growth, mainly due to a substantial decline in recent years the cost. In addition, consumers also show a willingness to pay for a number of new technologies, including significantly improved vehicle safety, fuel economy and comfort technology. It said: "People willing to pay $ 1,000 or more, such as traffic jams and the like to solve this is an exciting data.."

The report also lists some of the techniques in the "losers." With more and more car manufacturers use radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors, side mirrors and even mirrors are becoming outdated technology.

In Itay Michaeli view, if legislators allow carmakers might someday in the future will cancel the side mirrors.

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