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Sunday 09 September, 2012 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Villa decoration crazy 10 steps you become a womanizer

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Blue is the color of a give rise reverie, black and white with the room is very modern, fashion people preferred, pink, extensive use predisposes irritable mood ... home decoration, what color is Your favorite?
1.Do not use blue decorated restaurant
Blue is the color of a concern that reverie. The traditional blue often become the manifestation of tropical modern decorative design. Blue also has a role to regulate nerve sedative. Fresh and elegant blue match with a variety of fruit is also very seductive, but should not be used in the dining room or kitchen, blue food on the table or placemat always better to warm environment looked appetite; same time not to be in the restaurant interior incandescent mood lights or blue lights, scientific evidence shows that blue lights make food look appealing. But as bathroom decoration was able to strengthen the sense of mystery and a sense of privacy. and white geometric
The black and white with a very modern, fashion people preferred. However, the use of black and white geometric Room is too fancy a long time in this environment, will make people dazzled, tension, irritability, people know what to do. Best in white, local embellishment, space becomes bright and comfortable as any other color, both taste and fun at the same time.
3. Purple will give space sense of oppression
Purple, giving the feeling seems to be quiet, fragile and delicate the the total gives unlimited romantic associations, the most respected fashion purple. But the overall tone of the large area of ??purple makes space becomes deeper, resulting in a sense of oppression. Not recommended on the need cheerful atmosphere in the living room or child's room, that would make the body in which the people have a kind of helpless feeling. If you really like, can be localized in the bedroom as a decorative highlights, such as the drapes in the corner of the bedroom, bathroom and other small places.
4.Pink will bring people irritable mood
Pink, extensive use of easy to make people feel irritable. Some newlyweds in order to adjust the new home atmosphere, like pink create a romantic. However, the thick pink spirit of the people has been in a state of excitement, over a period of time, living in which people feel will produce inexplicable Firelight, easy to bicker, cause irritability and mood. Recommendations pink decorated as a living room decorations appear, or diluting the concentration of the color, pale pink walls or wallpaper can make the room into a warm.
5.Red is not a long time as the main colors of space
The Chinese believe that red is an auspicious color, since ancient times, wedding likes room eyeful glowing red. Red also has the meaning of warm, lively, full of burning power. But too much red in the living room will make the eyes burden is too heavy, dizzy feeling, even if it is a wedding, can not be a long time so that the room is red the main theme.
Red soft furnishings such as curtains, bedding, rely on the package, etc., and with a light beige or fresh white, you can make refreshing, more prominent red festive atmosphere.
6.Do not use a single gold decorated room
Golden shine, show a bold and assertive personality, simple white and reflected the vision will be very clean. But gold is one of the easiest color to reflect light, glittering environmental harm to the human eye, it could be extremely nervous and not easy to relax.
Recommends avoiding large area single gold decorated room, decorative color can be used as wallpaper, soft curtain; bathroom wall, you can use golden mosaic with cool white or stainless steel. To make the bedroom environment more friendly, and may wish to be placed in the corner of the green potted plants, so that the room is full of fun.
7.Orange will affect the quality of sleep.
The orange-red or orange, vibrant, vibrant colors, unique color of the harvest season. It is not easy to make people quiet, is not conducive to sleep in the bedroom. But the Orange will create a cheerful atmosphere in the living room. At the same time, Orange induce appetite, it is also decorated restaurant idealistic. With orange and chocolate brown or beige is also very comfortable, a clever combination of colors is a bold attempt of the young fashion.
8.Do not use yellow in the study
Yellow, lovely and mature, elegant and natural, this color is trend popular. Yellow fruit with a gentle characteristics; Butter yellow exudes a driving force behind; bring a warm golden yellow. Yellow stable emotional health, increase appetite. But prolonged exposure to high purity yellow people the feeling of a lazy, it is recommended that the speed is good, yellow is the most unfit used in the study, thinking it would slow down in the passenger compartment and restaurant right amount of embellishment. bogey large area use
Black, the element of water, is quite silent color, it is generally not black decorative bedroom wall. A lot of people will use it in the bathroom, but also pay attention to the mix ratio. Recommended appropriate gold embellishment which in large areas of black will look both calm and have a sense of luxury; white is a timeless classic; paired with red, fiery, intense atmosphere, should generally be in the jewelry of high purity red embellishment, mysterious and noble.
10.brown is not ideal for a restaurant and a children's room color
Brown are neutral warm tones, elegant, simple, solemn yet elegant. It abandons the a gold tone cheesy, or ivory monotonous and mediocre. Brown itself is a more subtle color, but it will make the restaurant a dull and melancholy, affecting meal quality; less than is appropriate to the children's room, and dull colors make children melancholy; Also keep in mind that brown unfit with black . Order to avoid the boring, filled with white, gray or beige as color, brown play its luster.

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