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Sunday 09 September, 2012 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

The lighting companies how to improve marketing efficiency

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With the rapid economic development, good market prospects of China's Lighting, home lighting industry will truly shifted from the source era lighting era. With the rapid growth of the LED lighting industry, many lighting companies have entered the field of LED lighting. The high-tech, large investment, and the era of the LED lighting market trends blindly invest in the LED lighting market, the consequences will be very serious.
Although the lighting industry after years of development, has already formed a professional logistics system, as well as modern e-commerce platform. To expand the size of the market for most lighting companies to build brand lighting, contemporary lighting industry, the rapid development of a natural form of. Brand awareness ultimately depends on long-term accumulation of growth. Depth consideration from a practical point of view of consumers, is the accumulation of power consumers have to source.
The experts said that while considering energy-saving, stylish, modern lighting products, lighting cleaning, security issues should give more consideration to. Characteristics from the media point of view, the TV ads are often effective, but often fleeting. In contrast, along with the the network gradually referendum, popular web promotion become a small cost, diversified marketing means. Along with the gradual improvement of the lighting industry market, the ultimate showdown of market competition or product marketing. Enterprise development center to meet the City trend. Of course, in the the home lighting contention era, active marketing, it is often able to guide, promote market consumption.
Beginning last year, the lighting business through the National Merchants, attracting hundreds of lamps investors to join the long-term through television advertising, network promotion adhere to build the brand image to achieve brand rise. However, the lighting industry, lighting industry giants, celebrity endorsements, sports sponsorship, as well as television advertising, outdoor, flat-screen advertisements in the lighting industry surging, a small amount of advertising tend to "go down the drain. In recent years, Guangdong Zhongshan (town, cross bar, Dongsheng, Jiangmen), Foshan, Huizhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan Municipal Lighting Plant, the light source, electrical manufacturers, stores, many shops, bring the whole Southern Lighting market active development. The survey shows that, Zhongshan Modern Lighting industry cluster in 2010 the output value of over 65 billion yuan, the proportion of the total industrial output value of nearly 15%, with lighting and supporting more than 9300 enterprises, of which 32 leading enterprises; employing about 158,000 people.
For many lighting companies how to effectively explore the market, increase sales, the need to address not only the problem of after-sales service, product architecture and so on. Low-cost, high-efficiency marketing to brand competition in the market to maintain our edge. Accompanied by the rise of the secondary and tertiary markets, counties, lamps chain quickly spread, and at the same time, the overall lighting intensified.

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