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Sunday 14 October, 2012 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Surge in European LED commercial lighting market size in 2015

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TrendForce's research department LEDinside 2011-2015 European LED lighting market report "pointed out that the rapid development of the LED lighting market in Europe, in addition to related to the concept of environmental protection and energy saving and the European public, another important factor is the energy-saving product incentives brought about by high electricity prices in Europe. High electricity prices for LED lighting is a very important power, can replace to a traditional 40-watt incandescent bulb 7 watt LED bulb, for example, point eight hours a day, a month (31 days) after a month you could save for more than 8 kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity, in terms of the EU-27 electricity, on behalf of an LED bulb in electricity bills each month than traditional incandescent to save about $ 2.
Looking to the future, there are very high expectations for LED commercial lighting. With the anti-nuclear voices of countries to improve national electricity bills will no decline in space, will be increasing demand for energy-saving. Estimated 2012 LED lighting prices will quickly decline estimated 2015 LED commercial lighting market in Europe will be able to grow to $ 1.9 billion, compared with 2011, there will be seven times the room to grow.

Industrial electricity price (EUR / KWh)
Higher power outdoor lighting or commercial lighting, LED light source will be able to save more costs, not only big change the wattage of the economic benefits of the small wattage than heat than traditional bulbs lower reduce air-conditioning cycle thermal power, to achieve the overall energy-saving effect. High tariff that is one of the important factors that prompted the European LED lighting also accelerated progress after Japan.
Part in indoor lighting, lighting market in Europe has been subjected to Philips, OSRAM and American singular large international companies, such as impact. Which, Philips and Osram leading the LED lighting trend in Europe, they not only continue to layout the traditional lighting, deep plowing the lighting design path with the traditional path, but also to promote the plan, expand LED products tentacles extend to more pathways. LED lighting companies in Europe LED more rigorous science, from the light source of choice for the color temperature of the LED components, to be consistent brightness light-emitting angle to be fixed.
According to the survey, usually in the indoor lighting color temperature, the European lighting preferences yellowish warm white color temperature, home lighting color temperature usually like 2500 ~ 2700K; commercial lighting in 3000K color temperature for the bulk However commercial lighting require high color rendering properties, and usually requires more than 80.
The general public in Europe's major supermarkets and retail stores also easily purchased below 10W LED bulb and candle lights. Overall, LED residential lighting market is not yet universal, mainly to the new case and luxury high-end market use. LED lighting prices are still much higher than the traditional light source lamps, plus LED bulbs light emitting angle limit can not replace the traditional light source, so that the end consumer for LED Residential Light Source or adopt a wait-and-see attitude.

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