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Sunday 12 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

82-year-old home-made LED lights transform technology corridor

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"He is a retired engineer, a good person, likes to fiddle with some of the light-emitting diode, LED lights do their own, and now to practice it, at their own expense to our corridor all the lights replaced with LED lights, can save a 10 kWh a month . "rebellion Mr. Chen said.

Shao Dabo was in Hangzhou, 82 years old this year. Walked into his home, the living room lodge dome let reporters shouted amazing - it is fluorescent lamp, but was inside the dolphin LED light grain, 邵大伯 turn on the light, and instantly bright eyes blind reporter . "This is my own granddaughter modified with LED lights, only three watts of power, the brightness of the fluorescent than before but also a lot brighter."

Further away, bedroom, study ...... all the lights at home, have been transformed into Shao Dabo LED lights, smoke machines and even sparing, called LED home ah.

Shao Dabo was once a depot engineers engaged in mechanical engineering, and how it would look from the LED lights? "2010 summer, my high school's granddaughter told me about the LED lights, high brightness and energy-saving, low-carbon energy, so wanted to make one yourself." Shao Dabo said, when LED lights or fresh product market not many can buy on only buy some accessories assembled. "LED lamp beads 0.06 watt small one, a light bulb 16 lamp beads, almost one watt of power, after Bahrain lamp shells found no match, it picked up a discarded bulbs, make use of the plastic lamp housing, this LED lights do very successfully. "

Since then, Shao Dabo out of control, painstaking research and innovation in LED lamp assembly, the original home of the lamps, fluorescent lights, ceiling lights ...... even his hood lights are transformed into LED lights.

Shao Dabo also dreamed of a corridor can replace incandescent LED lights. "That is a 25-watt bulb, use up more power, if the LED lights, so long as 3-watt light bulb can be replaced, it should save a lot of electricity."

In late July of this year, Shao Dabo started working practiced. He first purchase on Taobao the 10 five-watt power LED bulb, the corridor to replace the original eight incandescent down one by one, but "this test fails, because the original corridor light touch delay switch sound and light control can only control incandescent lamp base, they maintain a current in the sleep state of relatively large, still can power a small LED light is illuminated state or semi-state lighting. "

Shao Dabo Undaunted, he spent 106 yuan to scouring the Internet to intelligently control the LED light touch delay switch, sound and light control LED bulb, the test was successful. "Very supportive community, property sent me electrician to install, by the end of July we achieved this building corridor lights LED technology." 邵大伯 said he inquired, the power consumption in August corridor lights plus security door control system for five degrees, only one-third of the original average monthly electricity consumption, saving 10 kWh.

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