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Wednesday 22 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Phoenix light foot Phoenix legend legendary boss had traced endorsement

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Legendary story, but to "the boss lost contact" ending ending, has invited well-known "Phoenix Legend" singing group as a spokesperson, 11-year history of "Phoenix Light Legend" Lighting recently exposed the "bosses have lost contact with their relatives, dozens of suppliers around the plant to recover money, the Public Security Bureau to the scene, "the plot.

Certified as general manager of Italian lighting company's "stone brother -Sundy" 15:26 10 22 afternoon in its micro-Bo said, "According to insiders, the legendary phoenix light upstream companies currently owe money over twenty million, bank loans of three more than ten million, the agents did not send the money over five million (data still to be confirmed). "

And as early as April 8 this year, the legendary phoenix light Dynasty Hotel in Zhongshan held a new conference and 2014 LED Smart spring ordering. Phoenix Light legendary chairman Xiao Jin, deputy general manager Zhang Xinghua and other company executives bring light legendary phoenix dealers across the country to join.

This year on April 28, 2014 in Jilin legendary phoenix light spring promotion will be held in Changchun City. Hua Liang Zhang Xinghua, deputy general manager of lighting, general manager of the legendary phoenix light Renyu Hai operations center in Jilin Province and Jilin Province dealers from around 130 people were present.

Phoenix Light legend Zhongshan City, China Liang Lighting Co., Ltd. (Zeng Ming micro Zhongshan City, Phoenix Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd.) one of its brands, Chinese bright lighting official website describes that China brighter lighting was founded in 2003, in 2010 began the development of LED lighting.

Lighting network climbed to 14.7 billion purchase of scale will become the largest sales channel

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China's online shopping market has reached 445.1 billion dollars (about 2.723121 trillion yuan) in size, profoundly changed the daily shopping habits and consumption patterns. The rise in the trend of online shopping market through online shopping mall model vendors selling lighting products become mainstream choice. TrendForce's green energy business, said Wang Fei, a senior analyst at LEDinside, 2014 net purchase lighting products market size of about 2.4 billion dollars (about 14.683 billion yuan), accounting for all sales channels to 14.4%. With LED lighting products on the network continued to skyrocket, the size will continue to increase year by year, the latest forecast to 2017, the proportion of online shopping will reach 30 percent, more than lighting, lighting fixtures discount stores have become the largest single product sales pathway.

Wang Fei said that online shopping pipeline, has gradually changed from C2C mode to B2C, but this trend reflected in the lighting e-commerce is more obvious, according to LEDinside latest statistics, the proportion of sales in the lighting electricity supplier has reached 55% in B2C , far exceeding the 45% C2C's.

Analysis on China's e-commerce platform, currently Lynx lighting electricity supplier operating the most successful, accounting for 54 percent of the B2C market, where Op, NVC, the Austrian duo among the top three lamps, Philips, Op, NVC it is light and strong sales in the first three. Jingdong to 19.2% of the share of second place, but were less than the number of sales and brand Lynx. While other electronic business platform is also attached considerable importance to the lighting market, to attract lighting manufacturers to join, but for now Lynx Jingdong two dominant pattern and has gradually become clear, will be difficult to challenge competitors in the short-term new entrants.

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