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Wednesday 15 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Nobel stimulate LED industry reshuffle Hubei New opportunities

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Recently, a high-intensity blue light source can emit diode extremely strong, it is the blue LED. Isamu Akasaki invented it, the other two Japanese scientists, for this purpose in 2014 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Blue LED, the second time after lighting revolution known as Edison. It appears, in addition to traditional light sources so that humans find a more durable, more energy-efficient light sources for the lighting industry had a disruptive influence and lead the LED industry to leap forward.

LED lighting manufacturing superpower of China, the news has become a positive signal to stimulate the industry. According to last year's "Semiconductor Technology Development" five "special plan" shows, to 2015, LED general lighting market share in China market to reach 30% by 2020 will rise to 50%. Such a large market, indicating that the LED industry is expected to usher in a new outbreak.

In an outbreak, Hubei opportunity geometry? How to deal? Reporter conducted an interview.

Output value will reach 450 billion yuan next year

China is one of the fastest growing global LED lighting industry area, has become a global manufacturing base LED functional lighting and landscape lighting products such as the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Fujian and Jiangxi three regions concentrate more than 80% of China's LED lighting corporate and value.

According to last year's six ministries issued a "semiconductor lighting energy planning", to 2015, 60W incandescent lamp for general lighting above all eliminated, LED functional lighting products to reach the market share of more than 20%, LED lighting energy industry output value of the average annual growth 30%, in 2015 the output value reached 450 billion yuan.

"At this rate, equal to the requirements of every four years to double output." The industry believes that, as the "Plan" implemented, financial subsidies to promote LED lighting products and gradually increase the intensity, LED market and favorable policies in the future will be concentrated there.

This year, Hubei Province, was launched in the town road lighting energy management contract, an important part of the promotion, the priority is to ask semiconductor lighting (LED) products, this is undoubtedly related enterprises in Hubei Province is a big plus.

LED industry will reshuffle

With the accelerated phase-out of incandescent lamps and energy-saving subsidies coming to an end, LED lighting products will gradually spread and comprehensive alternative to traditional lighting. Today, the major lighting market in Wuhan, LED has occupied a dominant position. "LED lighting prices fell more than 30% compared to three years ago, the market competition has become increasingly intense." Wuhan lamps Wan Yi Lin, president of the Chamber of Commerce, said the increasing pressure on small and medium enterprises, had begun to consider pushing into development.

In China, there is a number of enterprises, small scale, overcapacity, homogenization and other issues LED lighting industry. In particular, the lack of a breakthrough LED core patents, standards, testing and certification system construction has yet to strengthen, disorderly market competition, product quality is uneven phenomenon is also widespread.

Hubei facing new opportunities

According to the reporter, at present, Hubei LED industry has covered the middle and lower reaches, there are a number of core technology is the leading domestic and world advanced level, such as the extension of high-power blue-chip, high brightness green epitaxial chips.

2009, Wuhan became the "city of ten thousand," semiconductor lighting demonstration cities and the nation's first eight semiconductor lighting industrial bases. By the end of 2012, Hubei Province set up semiconductor lighting (LED) industry technology innovation strategic alliance of leading companies and universities from the province together to promote industrial development, it can be said, Hubei LED industrial base is very good. "Although there Hubei Di source optical, HC SemiTek, Marina Electronic and other outstanding enterprises, but more companies are still imported chip assembly fixtures and then exported throughout the industry, in the downstream position." Province, a lighting company in charge of said the man.

To enhance the competitiveness of the LED industry, the need to improve the industry aggregation, optimize the industrial chain. According to the plan Provincial Science and Technology Department, is expected to 2016, LED industry scale will reach 30 billion yuan in Hubei province, while nurturing 3-5 master core technologies, with more intellectual property rights and brands of leading enterprises, improve the industrial chain, optimize the industrial structure, increase market share, significantly enhance the international competitiveness of the semiconductor lighting industry.

Incandescent LED Promotion difficult when thirty-four market "fever"?

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October 1, "China out of incandescent road map" will enter the third stage, the "ban the import and sale of 60 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting" phase. After the implementation of the first two stages, and now "China out of incandescent road map" for the implementation, how? Did you have any difficulty? In the upstream business, we adjust status? To solve these problems, in this interview with some manufacturers planning special representatives and let them talk about their knowledge and opinions.

Jinling Lighting Co., Ltd. Zhongshan City, Deputy General Manager Xiao Nan Fang:

Manufacturers channel upgrade imminent

I think China is definitely out of incandescent good benefits the country, along with energy conservation popular, the rapid development of the lighting industry, is already out of incandescent industry trend. In recent years, LED products, the sudden emergence and triumph, making the lighting industry, LED products is beginning to flourish, it can be said, than the planned development of the market ahead of a lot of time out of incandescent light.

At present, either from manufacturers or distributors, LED products must be upgrading and transformation, otherwise, will be eliminated, all the hot topic of the industry are LED, and no one to discuss the elimination of incandescent phase out incandescent light seems to be ancient already experienced things.

Therefore, out of incandescent matter, manufacturers such as Foshan Lighting, snow Wright, have already been the focus shifted to the LED project, sales of LED project has become the core of the enterprise, the enterprise has been basically incandescent project does not have any influence. For the channel vendors, after the stock market a few years ago to digest and LED products in the market in recent years, education, the market has been difficult to find a professional to do the business of incandescent circulation.

Jinling Lighting from the outset, no contact with incandescent project, therefore, out of incandescent Jinling will boost sales of traditional products rise. Currently, sales of traditional hand Jinling Lighting lighting products, LED products sales on the one hand, in order to increase the LED product sales efforts, Jinling Lighting has introduced many as SMT machine, plastic machine, plug-ins and other advanced LED production equipment and in Jiangmen Landmark establish new LED production base, quickly realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Zhongshan City Lighting Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Chen Zhuowen Nock:

Incandescent LED curtain call ascendant

Incandescent cheap price is its biggest one advantage, but also has the closest color natural light. Before LED bulb appeared early Nock lighting lighting products above are basically used in incandescent light. But incandescent lamp life is short, only about 1000 hours; and light efficiency is the lowest existing types of light sources, only 2% of the electrical energy is converted into light. Because of the low efficiency incandescent light, so to achieve the lighting effect will require more power, energy waste is very serious.

Our early lighting products regularly faced with the need to replace the lamp problems like bulb replacement wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and other lighting is still relatively easy, but such large chandeliers, ceiling lamps and other lighting bulbs to replace them very troublesome, especially those there are over 30, over 40, 50 bulls especially large chandelier. Therefore, in order to better help dealers reduce the burden of consumer services, Nock lighting has always been looking for can replace ordinary incandescent light.

Nock LED lighting has long concerned about the development of new light sources, but also the first one on the LED light source lighting products in the lighting brand. Back in 2010, Knox lighting already have their own R & D and production of LED light bulbs ability, as technology accumulation and updated, and now LED light source lighting Knox already has big brands to be compared with the performance of the industry, and more suitable applications copper lamp Nock lighting. So our showroom, all the exhibits are used Knox brand LED lighting source. We also asked our dealers to provide customers with the light, try not to use incandescent lamps. It can be said Knox out of incandescent lighting has early pace ahead of national requirements.

General Manager of Zhongshan City ??? Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. Zhu Ying Ying:

Incandescent LED tide has not changed into the civilian market difficult predicament

"Out of incandescent road map" in fact, declared the incandescent lamp is "yesterday Orient House" will be phased out from the historical stage. After the 60w incandescent disabled, I believe it should have been rare light bulb on the market, another two years incandescent may direct delisting. LED lighting is totally modern and energy-saving lamps in the world. The data show that the incandescent lamp production decreased by more than 90%, accounting for less than 10 percent lamps, energy saving lamps and LED lamps produce 80% is accounted for, the future is LED world.

Of course, the small number of watt incandescent for a moment, not back, there are also more stable markets, especially incandescent lamp can also be used as decoration. Obviously, LED lights advantage is obvious, but it did not fully enter the civilian market. I have done research in the following municipal markets, most people do not know there are household LED, that will be used only large screen LED. It also requires the introduction of uniform national standards and industry norms. With the elimination of incandescent route forward, with sufficient advantage in terms of energy saving and LED lights into the ordinary life of the family should be the general trend, however, as an emerging industry, it needs to overcome a series of problems.

Dafen Ni mainly to do LED, most of the lighting companies are doing LED, which requires us when the market is gradually phased out incandescent lamps, LED lamps produce a better product, and seek between quality and price balance, this is the development of LED's last word, but also the incandescent sacrifice value.

-US Lighting Co. marketing director Jiang Zhongshan Sun Day:

Incandescent pace should be accelerated phase-out

LED light source to replace incandescent trend is to adapt to the market and technological development, as early as three years ago, so we are all products of the light source on the joint company conducted a comprehensive transformation, banned suitable for incandescent E14, E27 screw type and B22 bayonet-type lamp, light and all brand of high quality LED light beads and LED patch.

Now there are still many families in the use of incandescent lamps, poly United States is a modern home lighting as the main products, we advance out of incandescent in the product, you can encourage consumers to be more contact with new energy saving LED light source and new products, guide them to the consumer.

Now the country is still producing incandescent companies have small, about the size of the ten, but the production scale of ten companies accounted for 70 percent of the total production of incandescent lamps. With the national phase-out of incandescent route into the third stage, these companies have also accelerated the pace of restructuring of production, such as Foshan Lighting has made ??great achievements in the field of LED. And LED has been considerable progress in the field of technology and technology has become increasingly mature.

In fact, out of incandescent countries also should be able to speed up the pace, the current production of incandescent lamps have much presence in the market is mainly inventory prior to production. And the vast majority of lighting companies are no longer in use incandescent lamp as a light source, the soil incandescent survival and applications has slowly disappeared, incandescent comprehensive delisting is not far away.

Hongguang Lighting Appliance Co. Dyna Division director of marketing training package party:

There are a lot of work out of incandescent do

Incandescent phase out will be a long ongoing process. Although we all know that incandescent lot of power, but also the use of a long black, life is not long. However, it does have one of the biggest advantages is that the price is very cheap, terminal on the retail price of about 1.5 yuan, a large quantity also favorably. This price is tens of dollars at every turn those new light source in the near future is simply not match.

Incandescent price advantage, many rural areas in the country also has a large market, consumers incandescent soft spot. Therefore, to change the consumer's ideas and habits, not simply a few planning and prohibitions can be achieved. In fact, they are not unaware of the shortcomings of incandescent, but let them several times more expensive than incandescent accept new light, the difficulty is not small.

So, I think there should phase out incandescent long way to go. Has now entered the third stage. Dyna brand of lighting as early as three years ago, the total phase-out of incandescent light sources, and is currently used in all ration dealers are Hongguang quality LED light source, contributed their strength in the strategic process in the country out of incandescent lamps.

Photoelectric Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, general manager Shao Tesla whole:

Incandescent gradually discontinued but thirty-four market yet, "fever"

Incandescent, however, is a symbol of an era, the kind of yellow bulb in our generation memory is still very deep. It also has advantages, such as light and sunlight it sends the closest color rendering index reached 100, the light is very natural. Some non-qualified small businesses, small workshop production of low-quality energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, which only a few dozen color rendering index, the light emitted is not saturated, will cause harm to the human eye.

Perhaps, incandescent exit the market may bring some opportunities to the LED, but still the most profitable energy-saving lamps. While in town, spend ten pieces also can buy LED, but in 34 markets is not like this. Our county LED prices generally between 30-60 dollars, it is quite difficult to accept at the local, lower incomes in rural areas, not to mention the. Therefore, the ban on incandescent most profitable energy-saving lamps; Correspondingly, energy-saving lamps do business in a big city markets may not compare LED, but two hundred thirty-four market, its sweetness will be much larger.

Linsen Lighting Co. Production Leader MEDIAL:

Take advantage of soft incandescent light up the short board LED eye injury

Incandescent mainly tungsten, and its light-emitting principle is very simple, including manufacturing production is very easy. But it is not energy-efficient, incandescent use 90% more energy is transformed into heat rather than light, resulting in a lot of wasted energy.

In some rural incandescent buy less and less, and generally are used to buy old man old aunt. After all, from a price point of view, energy-saving lamps, LED prices from hundreds of dollars to tens of dollars, while ordinary incandescent only need one or two dollars. But from the point of view of energy-saving, energy-saving lamps, LED effect is much more advantageous than the incandescent lamp, so in the long run, more money. Simple Counting to a five-watt energy-saving lamps, for example, 5-watt energy-saving lamp brightness, equivalent to a 25 watt ordinary luminosity through incandescent, energy saving lamps energy-saving efficiency of about 80%. The use of 5 hours per day, 300 days a year using the calculation, an energy-saving lamps can save electricity each year 30 degrees. This calculation, it is easy to see an electricity saving lamp can save tens of dollars per year.

Incandescent lights to be softer than the LED. So now it was through color adjustment, the blue LED can make up for this deficiency. So anyway, incandescent lamps will eventually be completely replaced.

With the trend of China's green energy promotion, lighting our nation's electricity consumption will increase further, and by promoting the use of energy efficient lighting products, I believe that the energy saving potential will be further increased.

Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting Factory chairman Lee Wan Qi Gao:

LED driving ban is still hard to replace tide but a short time the main home

Recently, cancellation and out of incandescent news uproar, but for us in terms of production, the impact is not great, we rarely produce incandescent up several years ago. Wan Qi Currently we mainly do LED, drivers and other core components and technologies have also been involved, so the ban did not affect us too much production, high-impact should be market. The channels that one year, we also intend to fully open the country's channels, based on this, or profitable.

On the market, the ban issued mean lighting market, "incandescent era" facing the end, LED market will be more extensive, energy-saving lamps is also possible by virtue of its price advantage popular 2,3-level market, naturally become the market. "the main force. "

At present, China gradually discontinued incandescent, especially in Zhejiang Province has been proposed to ban out of incandescent light, and Jiangsu also finalized a ban incandescent "two-step" and "timetable." We can say that the country are upgrading to accelerate penetration of LED and energy-saving lamps. However, the domestic market of LED or energy saving lamps brand dazzling, quality is uneven. Prices ranging from a few dollars to tens of dollars, the price of products on different visual experience is different. LED, energy-saving lamps in the future to become a leader in green appliances not only forced to rely on state and government policies and subsidies to promote, but also to win on reputation and quality. To further regulate the LED market, in the pursuit of energy efficiency, based on the continuous improvement of quality and comfort, to get the favor of the market, more favorably. Also, the implementation of the "road map out of incandescent" indeed promote LED lighting to replace traditional light sources, but with respect to energy-saving lamps LED lights on price competition is still at a disadvantage, the LED is still difficult to estimate short time became the home lighting stage the main force.

Shenzhen Kai Ming Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Tan Dongliang:

LED, energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent long way to go

In the whole of society to promote green low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection of the environment, the incandescent lamp seems to have "Feisibuke" the.

According to incomplete statistics, the use of proportion, small urban residents incandescent generally above 50%, a greater proportion of the use of incandescent countryside. Although the government to promote the development of LED energy-saving lamps sparing no effort to prohibit more than 60W incandescent production and sales, but to promote energy conservation and environmental protection energy-saving lamps and LED energy saving lamp, or a long way.

First, the incandescent lamp with its stable color rendering, color temperature close to daylight, the human visual comfortably high, low price and other advantages of hardware usage and penetration in the country remains high, and guide to consumption is difficult.

Second, LED, high purchase cost of energy-saving lamps to a household 6W LED lights, the price is more than 16 times that of incandescent lamps. From China's vast rural areas and short-term investment behavior of second and third tier cities in terms of underdevelopment, people may tend to buy 1.5 yuan more a more cost-effective incandescent. Even if there is buy LED lights, that is to improve the "taste of home" as a symbolic significance.

Third, the current production of water products, product quality of LED energy-saving lamps varies greatly, many small workshops way to operate, the lack of management awareness, product quality control awareness. Energy-saving lamps do not lead to unsafe and so frequent. The incandescent lamp production technology content is low, easy-to-volume production, resulting in the number of incandescent and product quality easily occupied a dominant position.

LED, energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent lamps can finally get universal coverage mandate not only by the Government to promote, but should be universal awakening, especially with the economic development of underdeveloped areas, at least let people afford energy-saving LED lights.

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