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Friday 10 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Portland, more than 55,000 high-pressure sodium lamp LED street light facelift

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According to Reuters OFweek semiconductor lighting 'Portland Herald' reported that Portland has begun to install light-emitting diode (LED) lamps to replace 50,005 more than a thousand high-pressure sodium lights.

Portland sustainable development department head Michael ~ ~ Armstrong (Michael Armstrong) said the project is expected to last two years, at a cost of $ 18.5 million, is by far the largest in Portland, energy-saving projects.

LED lighting is expected to save $ 1.5 million in energy and maintenance costs for the city every year. Currently, the city's street lighting electricity consumption accounts for about one fifth of. The LED lamp lights in approximately 60% reduction in energy use per cup, which means a total reduction of urban electricity usage 12%, ie about 20 million kilowatt hours per year.

In addition, LED lights with 10 years of warranty. 10 years later, due to reduced electricity use and reduce maintenance while saving savings should be able to effectively cover the cost of installing lighting conversion.

Meanwhile, LED also open programmable opportunities. Executive Chairman of the International Dark Sky Association in Tucson Scott ~ ~ Kadai Er (Scott Kardel) said that maybe one day, in the absence of technical personnel vehicle can instantly adjust lighting to save energy, may also be turned on or off lights, to leading the police to deal with emergency situations.

Another change is the change of LED lights significantly reduce light pollution. LED spotlight directed substantially similar exposure, rather than high-pressure sodium lamps emit a diffuse pink, orange light. Every replace 100-watt sodium lamps 29 watt LED lamp composed by 12 small lights, they can be set to point the sidewalk or driveway.

LED installation funded through bond measures approved by City Council in 2012.

Do not forget to fire a blue LED and green LED red LED light

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OFweek Reuters semiconductor lighting LED development this year is the year of the outbreak, especially after this year's Nobel Prize blue LED obtain the global LED lighting companies are very stimulating, blue LED after the fire, and do not forget the green LED and red LED this RGB LED lighting up the colorful universe!

Light-emitting diodes, that is LED, is the second lamp, incandescent and fluorescent lighting another breakthrough technology, and the birth of the blue light-emitting diodes filled the spectrum, making the white LED as possible, eventually into millions of households. This year's award-winning achievements, one inherited the spirit of Alfred Nobel's application, it also echoes the immediate environmental theme.

Currently, the world's electricity invention is used for lighting, blue LED and LED lighting contributes a quarter of global energy conservation. In many underdeveloped areas, LED lights will be able to rely on local low-cost solar energy use. For the world's 1.5 billion has not been able to benefit from the power of the population, this new light source has brought a higher quality of life.

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