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Wednesday 08 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Blue LED award, the Nobel Prize "Times"

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October 7, 2014 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced: Japanese scientists awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics Isamu Akasaki, Amano ho and Japanese-American scientist Shuji Nakamura, in recognition of their invention of blue light-emitting diode (LED), and thus bring new energy source. 

LED is not found, the impact of human invention. 

LED birth of 52 years, they won the "Nobel Prize", LED finally reached a higher level, the homecoming of! This is the story of ordinary people, is the story of grassroots victory, a tiny blue LED again stir the world through Connaught bell Awards platform, also conducted a public science again, the Nobel Prize has finally picked up a ground gas. 

Let people know what a "tall" New values ??Nobel Prize! 

Of course, we Chinese LED industry to become more familiar with Shuji Nakamura! Nichia of Japan's products more understanding! One of the world's five LED chip companies! 

Red and green diode has existed for a long time, but to produce white light, but need red, blue, green primary colors simultaneously. The original light-emitting diodes because the energy is too low, it can only emit red and green light, and blue light implies the need for higher energy emitted light. 

In the late 1980s, Shuji Nakamura will be in "Applied Physics Letters" published his first article in English Article: A novel for growing gallium nitride metal organic chemical vapor deposition method. Papers will be published in a sensational world semiconductor industry and the scientific community - was the world's leading universities, many large companies and research institutions in the process for the preparation of semiconductor thin film materials blue light headache, and gallium nitride is a III-V wide gap semiconductor material with the most promising optical materials. 

Subsequently, Isamu Akasaki, Shuji Nakamura, Hiroshi Amano research makes humans able to enter a source revolution. 
When the Nobel Prize committee yesterday, Shuji Nakamura turned the phone, telling him to get this year's Nobel Prize in Physics, Shuji Nakamura, a full half a minute stunned to react. Later, when a reporter asked him what do you think when he pauses for a long time and even said a few "yes", then just say "simply too hard to believe." 

Indeed incredible, the Nobel Prize has given the application of engineering projects gave Shuji Nakamura! Actually gave the entire LED industry, have given the clean energy industry, to the whole lighting industry! Encouraged countless thousands and thousands are engaged in this cause million business and people. 

When physics is also considered to be iffy too many people fail to understand the various particles, the Nobel Prize in physics in recent years has not only awarded to those basic research on human cognition have a significant impact on the world, but increasingly the more awarded to those who have practical value of physics discoveries and inventions. 

Nobel increasingly popular in recent years, promising to produce a great impact on human research. 

The LED winning reasons: 

Three winners in the discovery of new efficient and environmentally friendly light source, namely the blue light-emitting diode (LED) has made a great contribution. In the blue LED's help, a new way of white can be created. Using LED lights, we can have a more durable and more efficient to replace the original light source. 

Because this year's Nobel Prize in Physics, the people in the manufacture of energy-saving light areas into the "free land." 

Nobel times a! 

In the field of optical materials with a wide gap, the third generation of semiconductor technology countries competing technologies and applications under the new starting point continues in the direction of the power device applications, Peking University and Sun Yat-sen, founder of microelectronics and other components of the "official capacity Gakken gold with "team is continuing to climb the peak in this area, but the current level of approximation and international level, if the Nobel Prize in Physics favor applied research in recent years, Chinese local team meddle" Nobel Prize "of the day will no longer be a dream!

LED lighting market situation throughout the country large survey

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LED lighting as a new generation of energy-efficient lighting, LED lighting market is clearly dominated by the distribution of current development and brand on the market is how? Let us look at the situation around the country! 

? Yunnan: price war disrupted the market order 

September 15, Qiming team squad to the beautiful Spring City, Yunnan - Kunming, officially opened the country's living conditions Qiming lighting market operations in the second quarter of 2014 to investigate and find the hottest auto finder trip. It visited the survey found that this year, Yunnan lighting market downturn, dealers have said business declined compared with last year. In addition to the impact of the economic environment, one electricity supplier also affect the business of the reasons some dealers said. In between some of the industry view, the electricity supplier and the store seems to be the existence of a hostile relationship, companies must make a choice between the two, otherwise it will hurt the interests of dealers, thus affecting the partnership. But electricity providers as set brand promotion, sales is one of the channel model, letting companies can not let go. How to achieve win-win era electricity supplier manufacturers and dealers are becoming a topic of concern. 

Some dealers believe that the price war disrupted the market order. Price for any industry are relatively sensitive topic, consumers tend to buy inexpensive products. But at the expense of the quality of the premise is not advisable cheap way. They said, LED lighting development time is not long, stability, business vitality products yet to be verified, in the traditional lighting period as long as the dominant enterprise to keep up speed, the LED lighting era can still gain a firm foothold. 

Kunming is the LED lighting market is clearly dominated by lighting, but LED technology has not yet reached a high degree of maturity, stability of the product to be further improved, as long as the lighting company to offer a high quality stable and cost-effective LED lighting products, will be able to be distribution manufacturers and markets of all ages. Dealers really need is not the manufacturer of the preferential subsidies, but can stand the market test and the product received by the market. 

? Guangxi: LED cognitive confusion, businesses expect a strong brand 

September 19, Qiming team squad arrived in Guangxi Liuzhou, Guangxi Province to carry out surveys and market research reseller channel. Liuzhou has two more concentrated lighting stores, Anwar Lighting City and hardware appliance market. 

It is understood that Anwar Lighting City high-end positioning of the lighting the city has more than 20 stores, most stores are four to five meters. Qiming squad met the person in charge of lighting the red flag Guo visited in the process. According to Guo introduced, red lighting agent for nearly more than 20 brands of products, most of which are home lighting, and other stores are also a variety of brand products, the majority of products from Zhongshan. Now Liuzhou market is very competitive, although consumer acceptance of LED, but the awareness of products and brands more confusion, the current consumer focus on style, so businesses sell products on the variety. 

I understand that, relative household and commercial lighting products, lantern agent market even more confusing, it can be said that most of the agency, no big brands, the consumers can not distinguish good or bad. Therefore, most businesses are really looking forward to the manufacturer's brand. Currently in Liuzhou, consumers more recognized Op, NVC, three male Aurora and flying birds and other brand products. 

September 19, Qiming team squad continues to Guilin in Guangxi to carry out surveys and market research reseller channel, after the State Fair Lighting also visited the famous city of Guilin to other lighting the city conducted a comprehensive diagnostic, including reed decoration City, Union Square, home-kun, Guilin fine furniture plaza. 

In Reed City, decoration, lighting Parkson responsible Fan smile when talking about the market:. "Manufacturers more and more sellers, Guilin market saturation, shop rampant, money is not easy," It is reported that around 2007 and 2008, lighting stores sales and profits are high, and now due to lack of brand LED, consumers lack metrics and reference objects, it will price-oriented, the price of a pressure and then pressure, coupled with the large number of manufacturers, distributors and shop more than the amount of impact , many businesses have closed shop. According to Fan estimated that now Guilin lighting market sales and stores, 30 percent less than before. 

? Guizhou: shuffle acceleration, lighting businesses seeking transformation 

September 23, Qiming team squad came to Guiyang, Guizhou, conduct surveys and market research reseller channel. Through visits learned that this year Guiyang LED channels and retail markets are too confusing, the rise of electricity providers are seriously affecting the traditional distribution channels. Businesses that electricity suppliers have been unable to Tucao, but most dealers do not want to do it again electricity provider platform, because "that complex operations." In addition, the dealer's market influence is significantly subsided, it is understood Guiyang dealer meeting much less than last year. These changes also reflect the laws of the market, from the earliest "cheap is king" to more capital into the LED lighting market, accelerate the industry reshuffle, the current market gradually rationalization, standardization and stabilization. 

LED will be more intense competition in the future, in order to better survive and develop, manufacturers, merchants, and even stores have a long way to go. In Guiyang market, which has formed a consensus. In the process of visiting the city was feeling the entire lighting popularity is deserted. 

Compared to last year's "Dance Macabre", this year's lighting market is relatively lonely, especially in the lighting market, product sales fell a lot more than last year, mainly due to the impact of the national macro-control and product homogeneity and other factors. 

Many businesses in the survey reflect the market this year, the channel has not yet reached the most intense competition in the state, next year the competition will be more channels "appalling", the market will make a lot of shuffling to accelerate the brand completely disappeared in the smokeless war. According to Huayi Lighting Lighting Plaza Guiyang open source store items trillion responsible Jinjie Shao, survival of the fittest is the law of development of the market, resources are now old-fashioned market confusion and obsolete products, giving businesses a serious impact on the business. From the long-term development of the industry point of view, this is not a bad thing. But whether it is business or business, preparing to go through various channels, in terms of positioning, strategy, management, and service to enhance their own, if stick to the traditional mode of thinking, blindly reckless, will eventually be eliminated. 

? Shaanxi: "old" store into a corporate battleground 

September 21, blind action in the second quarter and the China Lighting channel finder tour kicked off in the ancient city of Xi'an. 
Shaanxi Qiming team squad after a two-day visit to understand the large and small lighting stores in Xi'an has more than thirty, including the south side of the Daming Palace Group, North, East, hardware, electronics and a few stores. The age of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan the most long Lamps and Lighting City brilliance standing side by side, like in the Big Wild Goose Pagoda near the ancient city of the most brilliant stars. As a rising star of the Daming Palace Zuanshi Dian also been praised many businesses as high-end stores Zuanshi Dian Although small in size, construction time is short, but it brings together dozens of high-end products, has become the most favored stores. It is understood from the urban areas due to recent, superior geographical environment, and the founder of favorable factors such as old age more so that the lighting "Twins" in such a competitive market environment, still occupy an absolute advantage. According to glory Lamps Management Office said that in the area of ??about 12 acres of glorious Lamps total of more than 300 family businesses, which have 120 lighting business, in April and May when the annual peak season, Lamps crowd every ten minutes to reach five more than a dozen people into the store frequencies. 

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan Lighting Xi'an City as the most "veteran" of the lighting stores is that many lighting companies battleground. It is reported that Guangdong, Hong Kong is still a lot of stores in Xi'an among the best selling lighting stores. 

It is understood that Yang Ming lighting and lighting is one of the stone most successful businesses. The two companies have a lot in common: the main job of lanterns, store tightly and walk away, only to run in Xi'an. Yang Ming lighting official said Yang Ming Lighting has been operating more than 10 years in Xi'an, Xi'an reputation already penetrated the hearts of people, many customers will start using the Yang Ming Lighting lamps at an early age home, now renovated still only identified Yang Ming. Among these, the biggest trick is, the quality must be excellent, and the service is important to place. In addition, I found that the stone had been a lighting boss autonomous university graduate entrepreneurship, its advanced thinking, forward-looking vision to make stone on the road to development has a unique growth.

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