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Monday 06 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

LED lighting electricity supplier to follow the rise of Alibaba Jack Ma will no longer have to "harm the country."

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Ma said: "21st Century, or e-commerce, or no business can be." A few years ago, had seen perspective "Ma wrong country" a blogger drying out in a micro-blog, which said the Chinese electric providers mode of destruction of Chinese industry ecosystem is fatal, more harm than good. Wen pointed out that the electricity supplier should the transaction as a business model, channel agents and terminal stores will be a serious recession. The so-called "flat channels" will destroy thousands of agents and stores at the expense of the rapid train from logistics, warehousing and third-party payment industry trust monopolies. 
With Alibaba listing, Ma Yuncheng 2014 Hurun new richest man, as well as the growing ranks of the electricity supplier to produce "report card" in front, it is true there will be some electrical problems in the business development process, but now there should not be people will throw ideas "Ma harm the country," the bar. We already do not have to think about whether "electricity supplier" of the existence of this problem. Electricity supplier, we can not stop or can not conform to the trend. 

2014 Hurun chart display, IT industry, the fastest rising, the former top ten richest in five involved in the IT industry, in addition to Ma, there are Ma Tencent, Baidu, Robin Li, Ma Dongmin couple, Jingdong Liu Qiang East, millet Lei Jun, etc. . IT industry is the best industry development momentum, but also the main force driving the future of science and technology development. Wang once said: "rip your not the Internet, but you do not accept the Internet is that you do not use the Internet as a tool to combine with your industry or your final phase of your peers, they accepted the Internet, the Internet now. do their own thing together, out of you. "electricity supplier is inevitable technological development, is a general direction of future development, a new round of electricity supplier has quietly kicked off World War II. 
At present, LED lighting companies have set up e-commerce channels, e-commerce has become an essential business development channels. Whether it is a large coffee brand or emerging brands, enter the number of electricity suppliers in the field of lighting brands, more and more electric lighting industry provider market potential and development speed is unexpected. Among them, the sun lighting intends to hit 20 million into the e-commerce channels to develop its own brand. "Chau Ming Technology shares since August 2013 John Source, founded Chau Birmingham source brand since, to carry out O2O mode LED lighting industry promotion and operations, by online and offline customer support. Op lighting, Kingsun, the same side lighting, sun lighting, three male o Aurora, Chau Ming Technology and other lighting brands have in Lynx, Jingdong and other electronic business platform offers an online flagship store, and achieved good results data from the Lynx platform shows the overall category sales lamps lighting upward trend evident: in March 2011, lamp lighting products sales of 50 million yuan; 2011 "double-October", lamp lighting total sales exceeded 200 million yuan; 2012 "double eleven" lamps lighting category sales had reached 600 million yuan, an increase of 200%, including lighting products accounted for approximately 90%, home lighting is particularly prominent ; 2013 "double-October" on this day, Lynx platform in the sale of LED products reached 52,290 kinds, Jingdong Mall LED number 21,616 kinds of commodities, including selling product categories include LED Ceiling LED, LED lamps and other home lighting products. 

Faced with such a fiery electricity supplier channels, LED lighting business ready? The so-called know ourselves and to know yourself, then, LED lighting electricity supplier What are the advantages and disadvantages? How can we in the fierce battle LED lighting electricity supplier "stand out"? With these questions, we analyze together, the search for LED lighting electricity supplier of the road, so that the electricity supplier this road to go faster and better. 
Analysis and comparison: LED lighting electricity supplier model advantages and disadvantages 
E-commerce compared to traditional dealers, its less shops, utilities, labor, warehousing and logistics costs, thus showing a higher product cost compared to traditional dealers. Consumers understand the brand message through known channels and traditional media after the purchase, and then to buy high-quality products through this channel electricity supplier. From the consumer's point of view is concerned, the advantage is the convenience of e-commerce, consumers only need a computer will be able to browse through all the products. 
Electricity supplier disadvantage is manifested not provide better services. Currently, the electricity supplier was unable to provide a range of services in accordance with the individual needs of consumers. Because consumers includes public lighting class of customers and professional class of customers, customer demand for these two products, the mass class of customers tend to buy cost-effective large-circulation products, they can address the needs of the channel by the electricity supplier. Higher professional class customer needs, including lighting design, light design, the current electricity providers can not fully meet their needs. If the electricity supplier in the future development can solve these customer needs, it will become a mainstream sales channels. 
Future products will be developed in the direction of e-commerce, LED companies need to embrace change to meet the challenge, according to their own development stage objectives and strategic deployment of long-term development goals, choose their own development of sales channels, such as circulation enterprises You can choose a lower cost and profit electricity supplier channels, and project-oriented enterprises need to enhance the capacity of personalized service to meet customer needs, so as to ensure rapid development of enterprises. 
Explore: LED lighting electricity supplier "rise" of the Road 
Electricity supplier is a general direction of future development, can become bigger and stronger in the field of electronic business course, every business would like to see. But to become bigger and stronger in the electricity business, the first necessary condition is better staffing, an incomplete staffing companies, in order to take root in the field of electronic business is very difficult; secondly is to have professional and technical personnel, professional development is a part of the electricity supplier is very important to be professional in order to have the effect, not as long as money can be invested; finally be willing to spend money to promote the company's brand, not to promote corporate brand, corporate reputation will become the enterprise development a flawed electricity supplier. 
Involved in the field of electronic business, regardless of which company has been able to become the first choice of consumers in mind, they all have one thing in common: a focus on consumer experience. Increasing the level of consumption, online shopping is increasingly frequent today, depicting consistent service attitude, speed of delivery is to get consumers the three magic weapons. Nowadays, online and offline has been inseparable, so the next line of online sales and sales to the perfect combination, to provide consumers with the best service. 

LED lighting companies can differentiate the brand and strengthen interaction online and offline. In addition to the brand name of the inconsistency, the brand and its product positioning also realize the gap between online and offline. Most companies will choose wisely lamps and lighting plus zero similar pattern, brand flagship LED according to the line or the other, high-end positioning, online brand flagship LED home lighting, positioning the middle and low, so it goes, also in line with most consumers online, offline auto positioning and needs. But some channels missing funds large enterprises will choose to direct stake in existing online brand. 
Different electronic business platform, in the face of consumer groups is not the same, even though all electronic business platform, enterprises should also realize the difference. Currently, LED enterprises are mainly in the following four ways to layout electricity supplier channels: ? cooperation with integrated third-party electronic business platform, such as Lynx, Alibaba; chain trading platform ? cooperation with both online and offline, such as Jingdong Mall, Suning Tesco, Gome; ? cooperation with the media in line with the target market of home / electronic mall, such as Sina home Mall, Sohu home Shopping Mall, Huaqiang North, etc., some brands not only opened the shop, it also provides part of the entity under shops line service experience; ? self-sufficiency, establish official website, selling products on the official website. Most of the electricity supplier of the road LED enterprises rely mainly on Lynx, Alibaba and other third-party platforms. Depending on the product category, companies can be for different electricity supplier platform. 
LED lighting electricity supplier war, the price war is not only extensive, but mixed with the brand, war value, service, supply chain, etc. elements. Future LED electricity supplier should be done on the wireless side application articles, give full play to the "three micro-platform" (micro-blog, micro-channel, micro Amoy) issued preferential information, so that users real-time dynamic control of marketing activities, feedback buying experience, improve customer experience the fun . Into electricity supplier channels, LED lighting enterprises online procurement, investment, branding, distribution channels, such as the coexistence of a variety of ways to develop the way. Future LED lighting electricity supplier "three-dimensional marketing" may now rival traditional channels, becoming the general direction of development.

Everyone talked about how LED lighting business profits?

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Throughout our lighting industry, from manufacturers to dealers, when the industry entered a rapid growth phase, although the face of opportunities and space is the same, but because of diminishing marginal market capacity growth and increasing trade conflicts between development maturity , each enterprise will undoubtedly pushed into the competitive state. LED lighting business to profitability issues on the table: Some people say that profit is difficult, some say profit is not difficult, in the end how LED lighting business to profitability in this process, the government also plays what role very time we should use?? very means of an extraordinary period in the lighting industry (for example: the overall economic downturn, the industry entered the off-season sales, etc.) companies should also listen to what our industry is very strategic marketing people, business representatives what to say?. 

Industry marketers Huangyan Zhi: Product Channel Management One Less 

The current lighting industry's profitability in an awkward situation, it is easy not easy, because the lighting industry itself is a narrow margin industry, we want to point this cup of soup. 

When it comes to lighting companies want to profit, then the problem is in a large scope inside, you want to make it clear how the profit is not able to say a word or two words clearly. But in general, from the following aspects: first, excellent products, namely to give dealers and consumers a guarantee, cost-effective, while the homogenization of serious differences in market conditions laid down in the line of product quality; first Second, at the consumer end groups to do more marketing, the manufacturers are now marketing model similar marketing work is still basically stuck in the sales channel. Whether doing traditional lighting or LED lighting, marketing models, although on the surface of the practice inconsistent, but ultimately solve the problem of user terminals consumer groups, making value-added products and product-related knowledge is known to consumers. At the same time, no matter what brand of light level, dealers are properly handle this part. And in dealing with this problem the dealer to ensure excellent products, good financial management and timely problem solving inventory data management and accounts receivable, training dealers to independent open market and in consumer terminals to carry out marketing activities; third, management services, which not only involves business management, marketing management, production management and other equipment, and focusing on service, so as to make the enterprise for profit basis. 

That the government should the lighting in the process of business operations, the play what role? Government should do a good job in these three areas, namely to establish a good, standardized market environment for management practices, high-tech companies to give greater policy support; second is to increase the intensity of all the people of propaganda, the added value of lighting knowledge and products so that the general consumer users are able to about 12; third is for export, the Government shall promptly enter more foreign news establish internal and external communication platform for domestic products do strict quality control, so that compliance with the relevant standards, thus allowing companies and countries win. 

If the encounter special period or scene, then the LED lighting business, how profitable? In fact, no matter what kind of environment, companies must make a scientific, standardized and meticulous management to ensure product invincible . But in real life, lighting business as an emerging industry, this special period is very small. 

Lighting in Xin Fu Kang, director of marketing: play to their strengths profitable in the long term development 

For the moment the entire lighting industry profitability problems, it should be combined with the company is not moving in the direction of the long-term development, and the company's positioning, product positioning and other specific issues specific analysis can not be generalized. 

So how should the lighting business profits? I think, first, on the enterprise scale, not to say that the bigger the better, nor is it the smaller is not profitable. So too does not work, because the ship does not turn around, too does not work, because the quality is difficult to guarantee, but should be "moderate" like this "moderate" on the need to hold a degree; Second, products and technology to go in in front of the customer, if the products are not developed required by the market, it can only be a loss-making business; Third, management level, so that each person can make much more strongly and vigorously, the best value and best use; fourth, sales and service is the most important in the face of homogenization of serious market environment, profit-making enterprises is the ratio between the services. So as to achieve the lowest cost, most profitable, most profitable. 

Of course, the government in market operations, so that Yan Yan on the loose on the loose. "Yan" means the ruling government departments to equal justice, must not be tilted. Intellectual property business, increase efforts to protect them. "Loose" means the government should lower the threshold according to the market. For example, companies do incandescent light bulbs on the market now are almost done, in the era of LED outbreak, allowing more LED manufacturers to join in, and then you can promote competition among enterprises, improve the quality of the product. 

But in some extraordinary times, lighting companies want to profit, then it needs according to their own advantage, to establish certain brand, product quality, price, and shipping time advantage over other lights prices, and thus more good to achieve the purpose of profit. 

High-core crystal Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Heyong Qiu: Enterprise predicament lies in opening up new markets 

Contemporary lighting industry's profitability which is very difficult, due to the prevalence of town market is not particularly stringent quality requirements of the problem, so in the case of market transparency, if demanding on quality, then it is not a business to profitability simple things. Although one to three months before the homogenization of the product in use is no change, but a long time, the problem will be apparent. If you really want to profit enterprise, then the first on product quality should be guaranteed. 

Qinan problem for corporate profits, companies want to really achieve profitability, then the most important thing is to achieve technological innovation, product innovation, allowing companies to have a unique product market competition among stand. 

Speaking of the role of government in corporate earnings, I think, the government support for business can be carried out, for example, some organizations participating or organizing the exhibition, the show can choose the strength of relatively strong local companies went exhibitors, while for participating companies to give certain subsidies; on the other hand, the government can give corporate tax certain concessions to promote its rapid development and growth.

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