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Friday 03 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

West's largest base in Suining completed filament lamp

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Autumn is cool, osmanthus fragrance, in a better harvest this season, the cypress lion king ushered own wedding: a cost of 1.1 billion yuan, took two years, with a total area of ??185,000 square meters of cypress lion industrial Park was built to use, this means that Bo lion filament lamp as the west's largest manufacturer - the largest western filament lamp base in Suining completed!

Parker is a lion, and the only one filament LED lighting products from R & D, production and marketing as a whole to quickly resolve those programs; Parker lion is one, and only one LED lighting products filament comprehensive integration, the formation of large quantities of independent production from the package to the application business.

Then ?? Lion Park, a photoelectric building construction was completed in July 2014 and put into production, we now have a comprehensive solution to the technical problems of the filament product solid crystal, wire, dispensing and other processes, but also a comprehensive solution to the filament light product overflow , uneven brightness and other technical problems, has formed a filament products 4,000,000 / month package capabilities, and is expected to 8,000,000 / month capacity in the next year to form a package. LED has formed a production line series about 200KK / month, production of LED Full Color Series about 120KK / month, the production of white LED products about 150KK / month, the production line series display about 200,000 / month, producing stickers display for about 100,000 / month, production of lighting products 1 million / month production capacity.

In order to meet the growing domestic and overseas orders, I Division in the original production equipment based on the new head of the loading machine, packaging, SMT, AI and laboratory test equipment and lighting about 200 units, the new company's existing packaging equipment, SMT, AI and lighting equipment and laboratory testing of about 1,000 units. Employs approximately 1,000 people.

As the western region's largest manufacturing base LED lamp filament, Bo lion people always adhering to "do the best domestic displays, lighting products," the social mission, conscientious, innovation, we will further breakthrough for commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and other LED product development, expansion of existing product range, in order to achieve the country's top professional LED lighting business efforts.

Wu Changjiang stock was held by BDO Runda freeze worth over 1 billion

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BDO Runda today (30) released its second largest shareholder of the company holding all been frozen Wu Changjiang news. As the second largest shareholder of BDO Runda, Wu Changjiang holds 130 million shares of company stock. BDO Runda to yesterday (29) closing price of 8.15 yuan / share calculation, the stock market value of its holdings of up to 1.06 billion yuan.

Announcements, June 17, 2014, Wu Changjiang due to funding requirements, the shares of the company pledged its holdings of 7222.22 million shares gave the blessing Linzhi Investment Limited; 5777.78 million shares pledged to the New World Strategies (Beijing) Investment consultants Limited, the shares of the total 130 million pledged shares.

Since the emergence of the borrower disputes, Fort Worth Linzhi New World Department policy and Huizhou Leishi Guang Wu Changjiang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. Shandong NVC, Chongqing En Wei West Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and other units to court, a request to freeze Wu Changjiang shares held by BDO Runda. Subsequently, all of the shares held by the company have been Wu Changjiang Chongqing Higher People's Court of Justice waiting to freeze, commissioned date of September 25, 2014, the waiting period of 24 months.

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