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Thursday 02 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Electricity supplier in the "drug use" with LED lighting can go far?

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Today, the electricity supplier is any living Chinese LED lighting manufacturers around the past topic, along with electronic business platform listed overseas in succession, and the current reality of the ecological environment of the electricity supplier constantly plagued lighting companies operating decision maker, radical or retreat, what the future will bring China's manufacturing industry, becoming LED corporate executives have to think about. I went from the following discussion and analysis of several angles: 

Electricity supplier from the start to today, the flow is king, no traffic there is no all, early platform providers have spared no effort to put into the introduction of the external flow and physical channels combat, eating share physical channels. Physical channels in the clothing, footwear industry, represented by shrinking market share in electronic business platform enables access to a huge increase. This phase of the electricity supplier sellers in traffic acquisition cost is in a healthy level, but also the golden age of the seller to make money. Pay for three meals a day like traffic or if the needs are not necessary. But with their status to prototype platform providers molding, electricity providers and entities rebalancing channel market share. Traffic has been split and macro-curing, platform providers drainage reduced inputs and failure. Platform providers prisoner inside sellers started Game vicious competition, investment independent external drainage from the seller to direct the ad auction surge in investment, the development of today simply their drugs, to develop a false transactions between platform providers looking for their own sales data , but also an eye open eyes closed an eye. When Scalping become sellers morning opened his eyes first important thing, the electricity supplier shop first notes. Platform competition among providers are happy to see the money into their own pockets Falling secured, even before the coming deluge own powerful, so the electricity supplier channels and drugs-style madness staged. The following is a seemingly flourishing data with the shape of a skull in the excitement and frustration seller support. When the critical point unable to support the arrival of these sellers, when the electricity supplier does not make money for the formation of a consensus, the electricity supplier channels will face a new transformation that is a return to the essential point of the channel itself. Looking at the future development trend of electricity providers, marketing and management expert Chen asked Wen (micro-channel public number) that: electricity supplier will go in the future following characteristics: 

Physical channels complement mass consumer brand 

There are certain marketing channels in the physical network digestive tract lighting brand will be unsalable inventory of products, the price of benchmark brand carrier, R & D center of the battlefield. Lost the advantage of electricity price comparison providers retain only the shopping convenience. Purchase cost of the lighting manufacturer channel pricing strategy adjustment, flow rational regression, electricity providers will become a channel for consumers in terms of choice of an object, to make up for physical channels covering blind spots. Of course, the convenience of the consumer to pay for the cost of the purchase may also increase the relative costs. 

Small micro-enterprise arena 

Entity does not have the brand channel marketing capabilities, combined with light chug simple description of the product, so far away in a remote mountain village sellers small carpenter and income Shanhuo become subject, such sellers will be starring in the electricity supplier channels. Does not require excessive packaging to provide users with the most cost-nude products. Personal is the brand symbol sellers. It is impossible to scale, to scale also means the loss of their own superiority. There are some low-value ancillary accessories, due to space limitations and physical channels out of the SKU, will go electricity supplier channels. Physical channels will gather high-value and is not suitable for the electricity supplier channel products and services. Of course, once it has grown up in the electric business channel mass consumer brands will also be under the risk-averse strategy toward physical channels. Logistics and information flow as well as by restricting cross-border, cross the small and micro enterprises will bring more opportunities now through electronic business platform, domestic and foreign small and micro enterprises and consumers of commodity circulation will be in the spring. 

The electricity supplier and drugs accelerate China's manufacturing sector electricity supplier channels for greater awareness to the physical channel has become and is becoming a real brand channel brands, more concerned about their physical channels, facing channel electricity supplier only one choice only, who may not be the first advanced win might well be martyrs. Abstain from drug use is the electricity supplier will essentially return channels to find their true position, face the altar of the electricity supplier brushed gold bubble, reducing the channel is the essence of face, perhaps for the electricity supplier is not a bad thing, only a total of win ecosystem is healthy and sustainable development. Electricity providers should become the creator of the value chain, rather than predators, redistribution of wealth who is behind the dominance of large unemployed, and those who lost their jobs in the social division of labor is precisely the weak. If we can rise to a higher level of manufacturing to China to create a good ecological environment marketing marketing upgrade will benefit future generations, in the social enterprise will be a blessing to others. On the contrary can not be the body of a Chinese manufacturing heavy yoke.

Overseas Chinese Gordon Tiananmen Square, night tours

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The evening of September 29, by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, China Overseas Exchange Association The Case of the invitation to visit the overseas Chinese, as well as some ethnic Chinese college students in Beijing's Tiananmen Square on board, was dressed in festive ornamental flowers Square at night. Tan, deputy director of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Star attended the event. 

Fourth meeting of the Advisory Committee for Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council Overseas delegates Lee Tao-sheng said first on the Tiananmen Gate, to coincide with the new China National Day is approaching, and the scenery was very beautiful, benefited. He thanked the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office valued overseas experts and arrange for such a variety of activities. He said, "touched and excited at the same time, I am overseas Chinese should do more practical things for the country." 

Delegates also because HU c boarded Tiananmen long and very excited. He said the National Day eve able boarded the Tiananmen Gate, to see such a beautiful, spectacular night, lamenting China's prosperity, hearts very excited. 

Indonesian ethnic Chinese students from Beijing University of ??? exclaimed looking at Tiananmen Square in Tiananmen Square, "for those of us Chinese students, such an event is very special and we are Chinese, our roots in China, see here view, we are interested in, but also a great honor. "

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