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Wednesday 01 October, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Price chaos tricky multi-crystal lamp market hidden unspoken rules

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Speaking to buy a house, there is a saying in the industry, called the golden nine silver ten, these two months are the most popular month trading house. After buying a house, the next step is the decoration. Many young people in the decoration in the living room will be fitted with a headlight, for example, the common market, crystal lamps, shining it is gorgeous. However, there are people reflect, Crystal Light in a little problem. 

Huge price difference 

In a mall in Jinan City, Shandong Province, near the bus station, the reporter saw, there are two, thirty shops dedicated to selling crystal lamps, crystal lamps is an array of gorgeous, reporters learned, crystal lamps on the market, mostly from Zhongshan, Guangdong, Shenzhen and other places, according to color, can be roughly divided into yellow, white and two colors. Reporters randomly walked into a store, the sales staff enthusiastic presentation together. 

Sales staff said that although crystal lamps expensive, but high-end atmosphere, and therefore sell well. However, the same crystal lamps, reporters in some large mall near North Park Avenue, Jinan, Shandong investigation, get quotes, but a lot of difference. 

"This one, you want it, that is 3000, and that a 2900", a salesperson told reporters. Merchant explained that some small crystal lamps, is also divided into a variety of styles, there are differences is normal, really true? Reporters to the market's best-selling metal lighthouse, about 80 cm in diameter crystal lamps, for example, were in-depth investigation. 

Reporters in the survey found that even the same size, the same material crystal lamps, the price difference is also great. As long as a minimum of eight or nine hundred dollars, while the highest have to a few thousand, or even million. So, businesses this will make any interpretation? 

Merchant told reporters, crystal lamps available in the market, in addition to the wick, the most important thing is hanging crystal ball, crystal ball is not good if the light effect, light transmission, however, there will be dark situation. In other words, an important factor affecting the price in these crystal ball. 

Reporters saw, crystal lamps on the market, mostly hanging below the lighthouse dozens or hundreds of transparent light ball. In a store, the merchant told reporters offers two different crystal lamp price comparison, and sure enough, after power, showing the effect is quite different. 

Part of the "Crystal Light" worthy of the name? 

It seems, crystal lighting effects and light balls have a great relationship, we learned that the investigation, the same style of crystal lamps, the price can be the difference between the two or three thousand dollars. What kind of lights ball is superior goods? Expensive crystal lamp lights ball really worth it? Reporters in-depth investigation, they found that the problem is not that simple. 

Lighting sales staff told reporters, like this hanging around the wick lamp crystal ball lights, is the most popular style in recent years. In general, the diameter of 80 cm of crystal lamps, hanging lamps ball number as many as two hundred, at least there are thirty or forty. 

Businessmen say, these lights are crystal ball material. What is crystal it? Reporters access to information learned, crystal belongs to a rare mineral, is a gem, the main chemical ingredient is silica, natural and synthetic sub-categories. Suddenly, according to insiders, a diameter of about 4 cm in natural crystal, according to the quality and processing technology is different, ranging in price from a few hundred to a few million; synthetic crystal same specifications, prices generally two, thirty yuan. In order to calculate, even the choice of cheap synthetic crystal, dozens or even over one hundred crystal ball, plus the wick, assembly, transportation and other costs, the cost is not low. So, businesses are mouth-called "crystal" really worthy of the name it? 

When a reporter asked the sales staff crystal lamp crystal are all true when the crystal, the salesperson did not answer, but turned away from the subject. Reporter to ask the sales staff crystal lamp factory that, inspection report, the other to the material are not provided by the manufacturer. In another store, in the reporter's repeated questioning, there are some businesses that argument is given. 

Crystal glass? Whether Crystal or glass? In order to investigate the truth, the reporter from several merchants selling Crystal Light purchased the two crystal ball, got the National Gold Diamond Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for testing. 

National Gold Diamond Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center staff told reporters Cheng Yu law, detected product reporter held not crystal, are made of glass. 

Chengzhu Ren said, merchants say the so-called crystal ball, in fact, glass balls, nothing to do with Crystal. Simply do not have the concept of the so-called crystal glass. 

Has been identified in the authority, the reporter once again came to the market visits, the face of challenge, the business will be how to respond to it? 

"We called him the crystal, they are actually glass, natural crystal that is unrealistic, and that much more expensive." Salespeople gives this explanation. 

"Yin and yang" Price List businesses exposes "hidden rules" 

Said it is crystal lamps, actually, strictly speaking, it should be glass lamp, in addition to Crystal tricky children, the reporter interviewed also found that these lights in the price, there are many unusual circumstances, the price tag and the actual sale the price difference is a lot. It stands to reason, in order to attract customers to patronize inexpensive, why businesses like to use the markup? This is not to scare customers yet? 

Reporter visited found, whether it is large shopping malls and offer ordinary mall, Crystal Light label price and sales staff is mostly there are some differences. 

Almost all businesses are discounted. Some discount for each purchase, and some tickets, even worse, a direct half-price sales. For this faiths behavior is justified, but the mouth of the sales staff reporter never learned that this discount all the year round. 

Reporters visited the market found that all crystal lamps have a high price tag, ranging from consumer bargain, businesses will take the initiative to propose a discount. That being the case, why not directly on the merchant products marked low price, but to use this method? Questioned the reporter's face, businesses are nothing but refuses to talk about. This is how it happened? 

A lighting sales staff told reporters one of the mystery: "price is the decoration company with customers who come to get commission, we give him the price to you, then, are the lowest.." 

Take commission? True? Sales staff told reporters that many people in the decoration because of lack of experience, often together with a decoration company's designers selected lights problem is precisely here. 

Survey, more lighting sales staff broke the news, a lot of decoration company will take the initiative to look for them to cooperate. 

For this cooperation between businesses and decoration companies, many businesses said and reluctant to adopt this mode of operation, on the one hand, in the event of disputes, consumer demands the return, the greater the loss of business, on the other hand, the selling price becomes high, absorb smaller chance of repeat customers, in the long view, is not conducive to sales. But businesses said that if not for decoration company rebates, the negative effects of not small, "he said this light is not good, highly recommended to give him kickbacks store to buy." 

Unexpectedly, there actually there are so many tricky, although the name is called Crystal Light, but it is crystal glass, and in the sale, the price artificially high, I asked to know, which actually have to decoration company's commission.

Cheats make home lighting lamps election healthier

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Decorating a new home space, the lighting fixtures to match fit, be considered the perfect ending, the finishing touch lighting contains a lot of knowledge, functional, beautiful, and the atmosphere one less, follow the guidelines lighting Cheats, easily make the election lights Daren. 


Lighting for the room, as stylist on the model, when we no longer need for the lamp stays lit in the early stages of learning to grasp lighting techniques, not only to make up for the deficiencies of space itself, but also gives it a new bright spot and vitality. 

1 make lighting more healthy 

Healthy lighting environment, we must first control the brightness, too strong or too weak will damage eyesight and health, basic lighting can refer to the following range: 15-20 meters adaptation 60-80 watts; 30-40 square meters adaptation 100-130 watts ; 40-60 square meters adapter 220 watts; then to choose the quality of the light source, the standard is light stable soft, no flicker, no glare interference, energy saving, the best choice for professional big brand products, not just the pursuit of beautiful lamps, and in the light petty. 

2 home lighting type retrieval 

Home lighting function can be divided into five kinds in accordance with the type of lighting to be coordinated through the good relations, space and goods between the demand is set to create a warm visual and psychological feelings, enhance the family's dependence and a sense of belonging. 

Lighting guarantor basis while laying the basic activities of the main light color space, usually in the room height, and using reflected light and transmitted light, avoid direct eye to see light, glare and facial shadows. 

Mood lighting for mood lighting in the form, usually a mixture of light from different angles and positions, light and soft, rich space level, candles, fireplaces and other low-intensity light source is a very good mood lighting. Accent lighting to highlight key locations and items of lighting, projection angle is usually clear lighting, general illumination lighting to be higher than the surrounding base 2-3 times for emphasis. 

Decorative lighting itself highly decorative, or a light source of color, shape forms useful decorative lighting, will form the visual focus space. 

Lighting functional lighting in order to meet the needs of a particular set of functions, such as reading, sewing, kitchen operation, and therefore the absolute brightness and light color to serve the functional needs. 

3 regulate the atmosphere of a master 

The same space, and dressed in the regulation of lighting, will be showing a different style, expressing different emotions, through light and color, brightness, change the direction of projection, can produce serious, grand, warm, romantic and other atmosphere. 

Another perspective 

Lighting can change the room without massive construction projects on the environment, so it must be very high variability flexible, and easy to operate, as long as you memorize its characteristics, and then more for several angles to find solutions that will be able to more efficiently adjust indoor light environment . 

1 Invisible decoration - color light 

If you like the quiet light of the visual effects in most of the time, but occasionally need some warm jumping change, then with colored light is the best choice for decoration, illumination shape, form, location can optionally switch is closed, as usual, the open space immediately put an atmosphere. Red and yellow color main passion, warmth, peach Sexy, mysterious purple, green, fresh, blue is there a sense of the future and technology. 

2 small lampshade makeover 

Indoor climate change only by a small lamp, if you think about this idea? Susu originally lampshade replaced conspicuous colors, emanating light also with the change, along with changes colors at night, in order to strengthen this effect, can match the light source changes, such as selecting a large red lampshade, the light source can be replaced warm light, warm and warm atmosphere more intense. 

3 color change and well-being 

Want to change the long-lived light environment, but do not intend to tear down the reconstruction, then they would have to start from the partial adjustment, use of light and color can be changed locally tone of the room, for example, lights illuminate brightly colored carpets and some large area surface, you can make the room tone changes, light color to synchronize the illuminated color adjustment and well-being.

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