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Tuesday 30 September, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Rely on "subsidies" living Chinese listed companies delisting LED enterprises should have the reflection

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Recently, the 2537 A-share listed companies publish annual reports in the first half of this year, net profit rose 10 percent, but the report shows government subsidies over the same period increased by 13%, exceeding the earnings growth rate, a lot of the heavy losses of the delisting of the company rely on government subsidy was miraculously turn around. 

Sixty seconds to read the topic: the numerous huge government subsidies, subsidies over corporate earnings growth, making the number of listed companies do not rely on their own profitability, subsidies alone will be able to turn a profit. For iron and steel, cement, chlor-alkali, photovoltaic and other surplus production capacity has been severely industry, local governments in order to keep the performance, still regularly provide huge subsidies related to listed companies to make long-term long-term loss of business does not fall, exacerbated by industry overcapacity. 

Government subsidies over corporate earnings growth rate, over ninety percent of the company can get numerous government subsidies 

Recently, the 2537 A-share listed companies reported 2014 semi-annual report shows that the first half of a total of 2235 listed companies receive government subsidies, accounting for up to 88.1%, in 2013 95% of a listed company to obtain 112 billion of cumulative financial assistance. Government subsidies during the first half of this year has surpassed the rate of earnings growth of listed companies, the report shows the net profit amounted to 1.266 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.13% over the same period the total amount of government investment subsidy has reached 13.63 percent year on year growth. Subsidies are also great variety of names, in addition to scientific and technological research and development, environmental protection and other special funds, at the local, and even relocation compensation and other kinds of names. 

Monopoly state-owned giants in the name of a loss get subsidies, the actual net profit is far higher subsidies in these subsidies, the state-owned enterprises has always accounted for the bulk of the oil to get up to three consecutive years, but its huge subsidies only single-digit net profit 
Get annual government subsidies enterprises, state-owned enterprises is always accounted for the bulk. A total of over 320 billion subsidy in the first half of this year, half of the inflow of the 58 listed companies, which is 58 at home, there are 40 state-owned enterprises, accounting for nearly Qi Cheng. 2013 annual report, the subsidized amount of the top ten companies, there are seven of central and local state-owned enterprises. Which topped the list for three consecutive years in the oil subsidy of 1.1 billion yuan from 2009 to 2013 of 10.347 billion yuan, an increase of 8 times. Nearly a decade in the petroleum, petrochemical total of 125.883 billion government subsidies, but it is worth noting that the proportion of huge subsidies of its net profit in the name of "policy-related losses," the acquisition is not high, only the first half of 2014 net profit as of 7.5%. 

Listed companies rely on subsidies in order to achieve profitability in recent years has 278 listed companies were able to rely on government subsidies to turn around, there are even companies to obtain financial assistance is a thousand times its net profit 

These listed companies, there are many long-term losses, relying on government subsidies to turn a profit. For example the first half of 2014, net profit is positive, but after deducting non-recurring gains and losses becomes negative 131 enterprises, including government subsidies and profitability because there are 73. The first half of 2011 -2014, profitability of listed companies through government subsidies amounted to 278, some companies through subsidies losses for three consecutive years. Some listed companies received subsidies or even thousands of times its main business generated net profit. For example Roshow technology, its first half 2014 net profit of 461.6241 million yuan, but the government grants it received there 461.5102 million, which means that after removing the government subsidy, Roshow technology possible "profit" is only 1139 yuan. 

The delisting of the company on the one hand that kept acceptance of generous subsidies from the government, while another large scale in the capital markets issuance of financing. Sanan Optoelectronics and as high as these two companies DELHI 2011 net profit in government subsidies accounted for 79% and 90% percent, but the same year that the two companies have conducted two additional, respectively 11 billion and 3.2 billion financing .

LED industry "does not repay the debt," chaos "trap" How deep?

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Recently, a group of friends for dinner, during which it was mentioned that one thing occurred recently, said a foreign auto manufacturers owe a money town, not long delay also (actually wanted deadbeat), these days, this dealer again purchase town, was found manufacturers, sent these dealers beat up, do not want to start too, the people killed on the spot. These things on the micro-channel upload uproar. (Note: The beat is true, but not killed, the details, "" debt "was" Zhuiming "town Dongan lighting the city a customer was beaten.") 

During the meeting, just to have an insider who knows, he immediately corrected me, is really beating, killing people is false, the police are tracing the source of this micro letter. I hope that we will not be repeated the baseless assertion. 

In fact, this micro believe I have already seen, but it does not know the authenticity. Interesting is why so many people have forwarded this micro letter and deliberately distort the facts, to be so serious. I think probably the whole town were old Lai afraid, deep down hope it exports grievances, and other old Lai played the role of deterrence. 
It made me think of a story an occurrence in the United States, saying the gold rush era of the 19th century in the United States there is a mine, borrowed $ 100,000 gold mining, and later because of mine victims, and to the widows and orphans left behind 50 thousand dollars in debt. Miner's wife can not stand the loss of her husband and the huge debt this double blow, also committed suicide. At that time his son, who just turned 15 years old miners and less adult creditors out of compassion, collective deliberation decided to waive $ 100,000 of debt, and an orphan raised to 18 years. This orphans called Owen Ridge. Owen Ridge after the age of 18 working in the mine, working 12 hours a day, he scrimped and saved, in addition to the necessities of life, all the money saved up. In a flash, Owen Ridge 26 years old, a girl in love with him, Owen Ridge cautiously told him that he owed his life have not finished our debts, to marry him would mean a lifetime to be too poor days. But the girl hesitate to nod, they soon married. After their hard work, parenthood, adhere to the debt every year. Later, their adult children, and also helped his father debts. To Owen Ridge 60 years old, has finally paid off all the debt, that night, he called his family dinners, said only one sentence: "I am now debt-free," and the story was "New York Times "reported strong repercussions in the United States, the people of the United States to establish an important role in the credit system. 

We often say that people of common sense is Qianzhaihuanqian. Can present a comprehensive credit system collapsed, "mom no match Yangbailao" has become a strange thing. Nationally, there are not still owe the bank money, the less there is not also raising money, personal money owed ??has not yet, and has become the norm. Even worse, some people took the borrowed money freely squandered, but despise the poor, such behavior is not only no one scoffed, but a lot of people envy, emulate, say that this is a strange contemporary status quo. 

So today is the most important thing is to establish a personal credit system, if the state has a special personal credit system supervision department, for some personal bad credit or poor person whose information publicity, let move an inch in finance, credit, business dealings, etc., , became an object of hatred, old Lai who perhaps will gradually disappear.

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