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Monday 29 September, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Four traps LED lighting business transformation Internet

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In the tide of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, lighting companies are seeking transformation, but transformation success stories but very few reasons Where? For this problem, chat a successful career in the lighting industry has a history of a friend, the other for LED lighting companies transition to the Internet have a deep understanding. 

Trap one: get rid of path dependence 

Currently on the market for popular Internet transformation, Internet thinking, O2O concepts, many lighting business owners have even cry even harder than Internet peers. The second half of 2013, with one lighting companies have announced O2O strategy, they quickly became the representative O2O. 

However, these transformation O2O representative enterprises inside dry out very little practical effect, the concept itself is not the problem of O2O, one important reason is the lighting business, although for a new slogan, but in fact it does not get rid of the previous way of doing things that is, they did not get rid of path dependence. The more large-scale lighting companies, before the accumulation of "success" more and more difficult to completely turn around the greater. 

Most lighting brands, almost before the path of success are: open investment will yahuo to large distributors, major distributors have the goods distributed to small dealers; spend money to fight about television advertising, to find ways to settled in the supermarkets, in some with open flagship stores, product sales probably good, at least from the perspective of brands goods have to go on. But the path of the Internet age is obviously different, it is transparent to eliminate information asymmetry, while the channels flattened, apparently difficult to continue before the traditional approach, whether to give up the traditional enterprise into the infinite past successful experience tangle. 

Trap two: Ignore the end-user center 

To forget the past successful experience, it is very difficult for anyone; brand manufacturers of traditional lighting and large distributors are dealing maintain good relationships with their half success. Therefore, the vast majority of traditional lighting brands and users rarely true deal set user-centered complaints handling almost became the center of public relations are often taken to suppress negative and users do not choose to communicate directly. 

And users too far apart to become one of the most common problem in the lighting business, especially after the impact with the younger generation by the Internet has become the mainstream consumer, lighting companies are rapidly losing the future. Through the traditional lighting market research to capture market dynamics and trends, not only inefficient but also easy to be misled, and other products produced after found it impossible to obtain the favor of the younger groups. 

Consumers seem to value the older generation brands (such as believe, "Famous Trademark"), but in fact weak brand awareness, which is relatively scarce, and overall they are in age-related substances, competition lighting companies to fight the main channel, the channel drive brand. And now more and more a product of the era of excess and diversified channels, brand value should be taken seriously. However, methods to build the brand itself is changing, the brand's target audience to find and meet their needs have existence value. Moreover, with the individual needs of the younger generation more and more segments, traditional lighting brands to establish a connection with them is even more urgent and important.

LG Electronics: 2017 OLED or scale will reach one million

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Recently, the relevant data relating to OLED TV show, due to the OLED TV to enhance the yield, leading to rapid and cost-sum price is expected throughout the global market in 2017 will reach millions of levels. 

The news Shen Wen Fan, president of LG Electronics China, told reporters confirmed. He said that with LG and Chinese local brands to the market together, there will be more people accept 4K OLED TV sales will gradually increase. This is also the purpose we released 65 inches 4K OLED TV. OLED TV technology as the next generation of its turning point in 2017. "Although I can not accurately estimate, but I think 2017 will probably develop into millions of units of the scale, this is my opinion." Shen Wen Fan said. 

It is reported that the market LG has released two large-size OLED TVs, with 65 inches as standard, has now begun mass production, it will be like 55 inches, as in a short period of time to raise the yield to existing the 55 inches that level, I believe that after the yield up, the cost advantage, panel prices will continue to fall. 

Shen Wen Fan said that China's market demand for high-end products, I would like to be bigger than any one market worldwide. Why do we pay more attention to the American market compared to the Chinese market, not just G3 mobile phones, 4K OLED TV, we also choose other products listed simultaneously in China, the reasons for this is it. 

Faced with Samsung and other competitors to restart the situation OLED research program, Shen Wen Fan said, in order to stand out in competing products, first of all to maintain the advantages of technology, followed by ensuring more consistent quality. TV not by one or two years of FMCG, is resistant to consumption goods, use for many years. After-sales service is also very important in terms of whether a competitive service, but also a very crucial factor. These factors determine the manufacturer's competitive position in the market. 

It is understood, LG's OLED TV has passed the durability test, can reach more than 30,000 hours. Video Association has been tested, one day 8 hours of normal use can protect the use of seven years. 

Shen Wen Fan said, began to introduce new models this year, 4K 65 inches, 77 inches immediately launched, 55 inches 4K OLED will be launched, OLED products will be more abundant.

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