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Sunday 28 September, 2014 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

Guzhen Lighting: three decades of development and change in case of bottlenecks win market

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As the "Zhongshan Mercure" in a dazzling ring, "Light Town" in the name rang home and abroad. 30 years ago, the town lighting just started, after 30 years of development, the town lighting has been developed to cover three cities 11 townships, annual sales of over hundreds of billions of industrial clusters. 

However, with the constraints and increased competition in domestic and foreign markets, resources and environment, Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting industry cluster further development faces shortage of land resources, and limited space for development, and many other difficulties. Future "town lighting" To go from glory bright, urgent need to seek change. 

Status: 30 years of development encountered a bottleneck 

"With the constraints and increased competition in domestic and foreign markets, resources and environment, Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting industry cluster further development faces shortage of land resources, the development of space-constrained and many other difficulties." At this year's CPPCC members in consultation with the Mayor of the forum, City Vice Chairman Ma Zhigang said keynote speech on behalf of the municipal collaboration. 

To help the town lighting industry transformation and upgrading, Zhongshan Municipal CPPCC set up a "town lighting industry cluster overlay support research policy system" Task Force, eventually forming over 30,000 word "Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting industry cluster strategy forward with the overlay system to support policy research report" . 

Research report on the town lighting bottlenecks are analyzed, outstanding performance: First, for many years to gather cost-based development, resulting in excessive fragmentation industry, the core of the industry's leading companies to drive and lead is not ideal; Second, low value-added labor-intensive and low-cost processing and assembling enterprises, less high value-added high-tech enterprises; third is the executive power resources can not be reconciled surrounding townships township industrial development, can not be unified on the cluster division of labor, dislocation development, resulting in "friction" of duplication and homogenization of competition; Fourth, business model innovation, lack of modern big business, big logistics, large supporting area of information technology and e-commerce headquarters in leading industries and markets "voice" is not strong; Fifth, cultivate, import, retain talent shortage policy and public service facilities. 

Seek change: different town lighting industry dislocation development 

Zhongshan Municipal CPPCC proposals town can be positioned as International Lighting Fair Trade Center, and then coordinate the city dislocation development. Among them, the town is located in the lighting industry, R & D and marketing headquarters, international marketing platform; Xiaolan in the new light source LED lighting industry trade show in the field of R & D and advantage, with the future direction of the lighting industry for supporting the position clear; the cross bar in the town lighting industry has just started, it should be around the town, Xiaolan positioning for supporting development projects do not repeat the same. Torch Development Zone, New Tsuiheng other townships, as the case may be the layout of the high-end large-scale supporting the project. 

For suggestions Municipal CPPCC, Mayor Chen Liangxian said that the face of many difficulties and challenges, if you do not grasp the window of opportunity to upgrade advantage Zhongshan lighting industry clusters may gradually weaken in the brutal competition in the market, once the glory and status it will cease to exist. Chen Liangxian require departments at all levels to support the industry, financial support, land supply, preferential policies, etc., to form a support town lighting industry transformation and upgrading of a good environment, to further improve the R & D, finance, logistics, commerce and other weak links in the exhibition guide the lighting industry turned to organic growth from epitaxial growth, enhance industrial cluster innovation capability. 

Brilliant: light industry golden period is also easy to make money 

In the town lighting industry tens of thousands of businesses, the district's family described Dingdingyouming, leading enterprises in Honor, Kaiyuan, wins the ball bosses are district surname, Gang Village with them out of town. Among them, the district Bingwen helm of Honor is nurtured more than 300 owners, known as the lighting of the "Whampoa Military Academy." 

The growth in the district's family history, the legendary money staged almost every day. "It was like making money on the road Maishao Bing, as we all rush to switch over, without any trade secrets. Then too poor, but the poor have a chance." Zone Bingwen said. 

After three years of development, now has formed Guzhen Lighting town center, covering Zhongshan, Foshan, Jiangmen City, 11 townships surrounding three annual sales of over one hundred billion yuan of industrial clusters. At the same time, but also the influx of a large number of "new lights" and start making a living in the town. 

Competition brings new challenges. The new lights are people sent money hard feelings. Chang'an Road in the town a lighting accessories shop owner Zhang told reporters tucao Road, the store has more than 100 square meters, the monthly rent per square meter is 60 yuan a month rent needs to store thousands. Although hard, Zhang admitted that did not earn much money. 
Guzhen Lighting Granville Water History 

After three years of development, the town now has 11,000 lighting manufacture and sale of related businesses (including individuals), number of employees to about 10 million people each year to create the lighting industry output value of 14.3 billion yuan. 

Among them, the output value of 28 million businesses there, 50 million have 31 ~ 100 million yuan, 20 million ~ 50 million yuan has 26. According to industry estimates, the entire industry cluster number over 20,000 companies, the working population of around 400,000. 
2013, lighting industry output value reached 14.28 billion yuan, accounting for over 60% of the national market share; exports $ 500 million, not only sells products, the export sector in more than 130 countries and regions. 

Currently, the town has formed a people business social atmosphere, the town has registered over ten thousand individual business license.

LED Candle Light Buying Guide

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With more and more LED products into the household, a wide range of LED products is endless, in these products, there are both good times, LED candle lamp is a very special lamps, its light into flame form, and there is no danger, no mercury (Hg) and other substances harmful to the environment, will not cause damage to the environment, does not contain infrared, ultraviolet, so insects do not move. How do we choose it, let it say how to choose LED Candle Light! 

Product Features 

1, LED candle light with high power bright light source. Color temperature of 2600K -3200K product colors to choose from a variety of pigments, base made ??of aluminum alloy, surface oxidation treated, internal special ventilation design has a light product weight, good heat dissipation, high-end appearance, etc., shade for made of transparent or opal glass. 

2, heat, light is small, efficient power. Under the same conditions, 3WLED equivalent to 25W incandescent candle lamp brightness, saving up to 90%. High power LED candle lamp life of up to 50,000 hours, 10 times more than ordinary incandescent lamp life of 1000 hours and attenuation <h decay <2%, 40,000 hours attenuation of <30%. Avoid frequent replacement of light bulbs, reducing maintenance and management fees. 

3, the electrical stability. AC100V -AC240V50 / 60Hz wide voltage and frequency input without flash, fast transient response (delay of wide input voltage frequency flicker-free, fast transient response (delay of wide input voltage frequency flicker-free, fast transient response (delay ) without frequent switching damage) without damage to the phenomenon of frequent switching is very suitable for frequent switching frequency, voltage fluctuation range of fields. 

4, do not contain mercury, lead and heavy metals in the environment pollution great. Will produce light-emitting ultraviolet light, and therefore did not have a lot of mosquitoes around the light source, so clean and tidy environment has become more like a traditional lamps; metal shell constant current drive innovative design makes the product into light energy conversion efficiency is very high. 

Optional Skills 

1, see the packaging and trademarks. National mandatory LED lighting products manufacturer marked on the packaging following: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. In general, good quality products label printing quality, legible, easy to fall off, wipe with a soft damp cloth, logo clearly visible, indelible, there are manufacturers of trademarks and related certification mark. Poor print quality and shoddy products, fuzzy fonts, easy to erase, no manufacturer's trademark and related certification mark. 

2, LED candle light appearance. Good LED lamp manufacturer, usually mass-produced products, the production of LED candle lamp shapes and sizes better consistency, product quality is guaranteed. While housing no cracks, loose, the seal should not have been prized in the installation, removal process, no loose cap, head tilt phenomenon. 

3, the temperature at work. LED Candle Light Under normal operating conditions, the temperature should be low. Otherwise, led candle lamp life will be very short. Meanwhile, candle lamp is lit, there is quickly flashing, either very harsh fluctuations, were indicative of the existence of quality problems lamps. 

4, the start-up performance. There are two characteristics of LED lights start: First, the higher the temperature the more likely to start; Second, turn off the lights will not flash. Also worth mentioning is that many LED lights opened very dark, which is unfavorable for lamp life, LED candle lamp shall be provided with power supply circuit and PCB board in its interior. 

5, see the link lamp and lamp holder is loose. LED candle lamp housing can also affect the luminaire luminous uniformity, general candle lamp housing is divided into two kinds, transparent and white. Let's get the lighting fixtures and lamp view links section is loose, head tilt phenomenon, but no cracks in the shell, loose, the seal should not have been prized. Then view the flapper light bulb is uniform in the baffle, whether dark spots. 


1, light bulbs and electricity under normal state, the life of 100,000 hours, the bulb is built-in, can not be replaced. 

2, LED candle lights are flashing, we can be taken with the camera, so you can easily see whether there are between flashing light. LED chip finest choice should be sapphire chip that light stability, not flash, there was no luminous uniform, color quality and soft, not to hurt the eyes. 

LED candle light bulb pull tail and sharp two specifications of products, appearance inherit the traditional classic, but also a modern outlook. Can replace 25W traditional candle bulb for wall lamps, chandeliers, lamps and other decorative candlestick lamps, lighting in creating gorgeous, but also to make energy-efficient as possible.

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