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Sunday 17 May, 2015 | TEXT_NEWS_RSS_FEED

How LED lighting enterprises in brand building?

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Many lighting the city, in addition to signs, lighting products are almost always a mold carved out of, manufacturers lack of originality and design innovation, and even decor, brand VI system are all exactly the same, because the manufacturers simply do not understand the system takes a brand so much money.

With the development of China's market economy, trade era and gradually developed into a brand of the times, many industries are turning to brand competition from product competition, consumer behavior gradually into branded consumer goods consumption. In the era of the brand, the role of the companies to enhance brand image, increase market share, improve profitability and other aspects have been revealed in, consumer groups who have recognized strong brand, who will not in the market, "Ebb Tide" in the process It is eliminated.

Lighting enterprise: as a warehouse store

Lighting store brand behind the huge R & D, design, logistics, marketing, image display terminals and other expenses, is not an ordinary SMEs can bear to a second-tier market, brand stores, for example, a lighting store alone would cost nearly a million or even millions, enough to make a lot of companies and dealers prohibitive. Although the town has more than 24000 lighting-related brand, but in the end luminaires market consumers with access to the upper reaches of the brand is not lighting to 2000, and through the retail store system shows less than 200, it is not difficult to see lighting brand building The original form and difficult. Through lighting the city, in addition to signs, lighting products are almost always a mold carved out of, manufacturers lack of originality and design innovation, and even decor, brand VI system are all exactly the same, because the manufacturers simply do not understand the system needs a brand spend so much money, and even hundreds of business owners are looking for an advertising plan with the company planners, only low-cost operation under the brand system solutions has been done according to the trademark business owners, address, telephone and so little modification trouble. This "self-deception" branding model, in fact, can not implement the brand display process, I walked into dozens of lighting store survey found that many stores directly to the brand showrooms as a warehouse, as much as possible into the various model, there is no brand culture connotation at all; many so-called "flagship" brand showrooms, even lighting products price tag can not do, resulting in 80 percent of the time wasted on bargain purchase to the customer's perception and experience is very not good.

From a consumer brand watch lighting companies want it?

In the end want to do the brand, let me see an example: Sally friend phoned Tucao he is very depressed, he had planned to decorating their own homes, some of the fixtures in the new home of choice, with his new wife had a disagreement. Faced with an array of city lights lighting products, Mr. Zhang is a Chinese charm fancy-name brass lamps, and Mrs. Zhang is a stylish fancy crystal lamp brand, also argue plausibly that a quality brand of more reliable. This would also argue Mr. Zhang see storefront brand products in terms of product or brand image, than the ordinary no-name advantage, can not help but sometimes some speechless.

How to build their own brand

Large lighting companies can quickly accumulate resources and strong financial capability to create their own brand empire, but for many small companies, in the end want to do brand? How to use the "stretched" the financial resources to build their own brand?

Brand successfully established itself on the premise that business has on the market and consumers valuable special ability, but the brand is to emphasize that value out, and apart from the competition in the minds of consumers in the past. Therefore, small companies must be based on relevant factor in the development stage of their own which, the market situation of products or services, consumer and maturity to choose the right brand-building methods.

Product differentiation market areas, people are concerned about functionality consumption, new products and new technology products or services are being developed. Lighting company to build brand, the key is to enhance product differentiation, create better products. By word of mouth marketing to do the brand. Word of mouth marketing is the process of applying the concept of word of mouth marketing to attract consumers, the media and the general public's spontaneous attention, giving them the opportunity to discuss products and brands, and talk on the basis of the evaluation can win consumers and produce positive recommendation behavior, making the product stand out in the consumer buying decision process. Word of mouth marketing needs at different points of contact and consumer dialogue, so that consumers understand the product and brand marketing initiative to help you further.

A delicate encounter with the United States: Shangpin home porcelain culture

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nown as a "fashion Oscars" of the Metropolitan Museum of charity balls (Met Gala) quite unexpectedly the 2015 theme of "China: The elusive" (China: Through the Looking Glass), aimed from fashion, different aspects of painting, porcelain, movies, etc. to investigate the effect of Chinese culture brought to Western art, indeed, "China wind" and in the international arena on fire. In addition to a huge impact in the fashion industry, art circles, this "Chinese style" craze is also the home field intensified.
As a trade platform in Shanghai high-end home, interior decoration and household products - Shanghai Shangpin Home Decoration Exhibition (LuxeHome) has gradually become an industry leader in the convergence of home fashion show; not only here at home and abroad well-known brand of home decoration while a group with a strong production capacity of manufacturers continue to trade, but also close to consumers show a contemporary boutique consumer demand, so Made in China wisdom made the transition to boutique. The exhibition area will be carefully planned to show fine porcelain ceramics, art ceramics, porcelain high-end creative gifts, high-grade daily-use porcelain, ceramic art packaging containers and other kinds of ceramics audience.

Chinese ceramic art creative unique oriental charm

Guangdong Great Wall Group Co., the country's largest ceramics industry base in Chaozhou, a creative arts ceramics enterprises in China's first listed on the GEM. Chairman of the Board Cai Tingxiang had determined to build China share when it comes to high-end ceramics leader, "the Great Wall Group is to do ceramics industry team." August 2015, Guangdong Great Wall Group Co., Ltd. will bring the latest creative arts ceramic products On the Shanghai Shangpin Home Improvement Fair grand debut.


Guangdong Great Wall Group Co., Ltd. "green, science and technology, cultural and creative" ideas to art pottery as the carrier, heritage of Chinese traditional culture, compatible with different genres of art styles through design innovation, improved processes, highly information-oriented retail and supply chain management, to create a self-channel and brand at home and abroad have a leading cultural and creative enterprises.

Currently, the group owns two Chinese brand-name products, long-term products sold in Europe, Asia and Africa and more than 60 countries and regions to establish a stable and cooperative relations with foreign well-known dealers. Guan Yu-liang from the national level, the creation of artist and in collaboration with the Great Wall Group developed the "National Doll" fine ceramics exhibition booth had boarded the Olympic Games, has become the rage of precious collections, as "Chinese porcelain are" Chaozhou won more reputation.

Chinese culture, innovation bowl ceramics grown brand of excellence

Stechcol Porcelain Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, focusing on the world's leading ceramics inherit, carry forward and innovation. Stechcol its excellent level of technology, has won the "Chinese famous brand" and "export Mianjian" honor granted by the State, and for the field of ceramics known as the Three Realms get the "Oscars" of the Screen Printing & Imaging Association (SGIA ) Award, thus becoming the first three consecutive international win of the enterprise, to win international honors for the Chinese ceramic industry arts.
Stechcol for Shanghai is still Commodities Fair home decor porcelain top art audience with high added value. Description, deputy general manager of marketing, said, "Our products targeting high-end daily-use ceramics and ceramic art products used as the 'Suji jade bone' of high-quality kaolin raw materials, and successfully reproduced the enamel, pastels and other top Chinese traditional enamel technology, the Millennium Technology integrate modern science and technology, calcined unparalleled top art porcelain. "

Create a fine elegant living

Quality of life assurance, security is paramount. On the Shanghai Shangpin Home Improvement Fair, Shandong Yinfeng Co., Ltd. will bring safety and environmental protection, high-quality porcelain for daily use, so that domestic consumers peace of mind at ease utensils. Aware of product safety for the implementation of brand marketing strategy plays a crucial role, Shandong Yinfeng Co. pioneered ISO9000 international standard mode of product quality management and control.

"Yinfeng" brand of more than 80 million pieces of daily-use ceramics, products mainly include white porcelain, stoneware, high-grade bone china, strengthen totaling more than 1,000 varieties of porcelain, ceramic art and other five series, more than 90 percent of products exported to international market,

"Yinfeng" brand of high-grade anti-bacterial ceramic 2001 Shanghai APEC meeting is designated as a banquet with porcelain, highly acclaimed home and abroad. Aspect "Yinfeng" brand products, its quality, supporting capacity, are in a leading position at home and abroad, has become the leader in domestic and foreign products.

As one of ancient China's specialty luxury goods, porcelain spread through various trade channels in various countries, as exquisite ancient porcelain antique collectible is a large number of private collectors. How to bring innovative ideas and modern lifestyle combine to reflect the spirit of the era of Chinese contemporary society, how to combine traditional and high-tech design, a long bright pottery culture to inject new vitality, these are Chinese ceramic culture and heritage of the current artistic innovation and important issues facing the development. As high-quality home exhibition platform, Reed Huabo Xi Wang Shang products by means of Shanghai Home Decoration Exhibition to give the audience more understanding and awareness.

6-8 August 2015, Shanghai New International Expo Center, the China Light Industry Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and Reed Huabo Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. jointly Shanghai International luxuries of home and interior decoration exhibition invites you to experience different fine.

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